15 THINGS TO THINK ON while READING Susan Meissner’s Arresting Novel A Fall of Marigolds


A Fall of Marigolds: A Novel
Author Susan Meissner
Publisher: Penguin, 2014
Genre: Fiction
Paperback Edition, 364 pages plus Author’s Note and Readers Guide
Source: Library copy

1. What are the reaction of persons you have known to shocking tragic and violent loss?
2. How does Meissner weave together two stories of violent loss. Is she fair to each story? Did you like one story better than the other?
3. Did the beauty of the scarf that ties these stories together provide some balance to the strong and violent events that set the stories in motion?
4. What is the primary emotion this novel arouses in the reader? Were you touched, inspired or sickened as you read of the personal journeys of these two fictional characters?
5. What comparisons do you find yourself making between the two central characters, Clara and Taryn?
6. Would you recommend this book to others? Why or Why not?
7. Do you see the book as a different kind of romance novel?
8. What universal theme or keynote keeps this book on track, e.g. history, keepsakes, moral dilemmas or extraordinary circumstances?
9. What further study does this book suggest to you as a reader?
10. Do you count this among the memorable novels you have read in the last few years? Why? Or Why Not?
11. What new thinking does this novel bring to the fore for you as a reader?
12. What part does the rather convoluted plotting of this duel tale play in the pleasure or displeasure of your read?
13. What might you describe as some of the author’s most inspired choices?
14. What are you as a reader enjoying most about this novel? Or are you having another reaction?
15. One of Meissner’s most acclaimed previous books is titled The Shape of Mercy published in 2008. Do you think you will read another of her books?

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