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Here’s a memorable salad, awesome as any salad can be. Maybe you already know it. If you don’t, it’s time to get acquainted.

Creative salads offer endless possibilities. Leafy greens, add-ons, and delightful dressings are a mainstay of the American diet. Salad pictures and recipes adorn the internet, food magazine, menus, and family tables. As a salad lover, I’m always on the lookout for a salad that is special. I’ve been a fan of this one for a number of years.

Half 1905 salad served with a Cuban sandwich

Half 1905 salad served with a Cuban sandwich

The 1905 Salad packs more flavor than most of its competitors. What makes it so good? Where can you find it? First, what makes it so good?

Many ingredients produce layers of flavor. Iceberg lettuce, ham, Swiss cheese, tomatoes and Spanish olives form the basics. Grated Romano, fresh lemon and the 1905 dressing finish it off. The dressing has lots of garlic, as well as olive oil, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, oregano and salt. I’m not a garlic lover, but I love this dressing and the salad. USA Today featured this salad in an article titled “10 great places to make a meal out of a salad by Kitty Leaken in 2008. She describes the garlic dressing as deliciously smooth. I can only agree. I ate this salad again last week. I found it as flavorful, interesting and just plain as good as ever.

The award-winning Columbia Restaurant created this salad and the dressing (the recipe is copyrighted). It claims to be Florida’s oldest restaurant, founded in 1905, first in Tampa; there are now locations in Sarasota, St. Augustine and Clearwater Beach. These restaurants serve Spanish-style food. Anything I’ve ever eaten there has been tasty and to my liking. When you order this salad at the restaurant it is prepared and tossed tableside. The freshness is undeniable.

an interior view of part of the restaurant in St. Augustine

an interior view of part of the restaurant in St. Augustine

Learn more about this eatery at

Located adjacent to the St. Augustine Columbia is a gift shop where the bottled version of this dressing is sold along with many other items: food, pottery, bakery treats to name a few.



Columbia’s Original 1905 Salad Recipe is available on the website under featured recipes. If you make the dressing at home, it is best to make it one or two days in advance and store in the refrigerator. You can also buy the recipe as part of a post card packet at the gift shop. It calls for Spanish Olive Oil and you can buy that item, too, or olives or Sangria mix or many other things. The restaurant serves the most wonderful Sangria!!! I like the cava version best.


Books are also available. The Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook is the one I’d like to buy.


Follow this wonderful restaurant and their 1905 Salad on Facebook and Twitter. I urge you to click on the link I provided above and go to recipes. It is worth the few minutes it will take.

You can create this salad at home. I served it at one of the meals at the house in honor of my daughter’s wedding and have made it several times since. With a glass of Sangria and this salad you have a meal that will bring the sunshine of Spain and Florida into your home. Include oranges lemons and limes; they make the sun brighter.