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Extreme fishes, shark adventures, coral reefs, all this and more at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma, but feeding the fish is a top attraction for the little ones. The shark adventure hosts the largest collection of bull sharks in the nation. The otter exhibit features tunnels and slides. The otters were so fast, the pictures were not good. Lots of fun. A massive turtle was so large it didn’t fit in a camera shot. I’ve never seen such a huge turtle. I loved the bright colors and the odd shapes of so many different fish.

Enjoy the pictures of the many different fish and other water animals.



The beaver is having a good lunch.
cucumber coral – love the colors.




Lots of turtles



“Numerous forms of fishes reflect the great flexibility of adaptation according to environment.”



Me Before You
Author: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Romance Novel
Publisher: Penguin Books
Paperback Edition 369 pages
Source: personal copy

Sometimes, a good read takes the reader inside an experience one never wanted to know and the reader is both uplifted and heartbroken. For this reader, Me Before You is that kind of book. I might not have picked it up were it not a book club pick, but once I began, I could not put the story down. I’m likely to read the sequel, After You.

The main characters, Lou and Will, are endearing creations, people who are interesting and have so much to offer, each other and the reader. Both surprising and funny, the tale takes an unknowable situation and transforms it into a caring and romantic story. I turned the pages faster and faster. I laughed and I cried. And along the way I thought about life, what it offers, what it expects. Life is something like a parent, keeping the path just challenging enough that growth is inevitable.

Extreme physical disability has always seemed a subject most difficult to face at even the most superficial level. In spite of that, the book is a joyful read. It is amazing what people can do when faced with uphill challenges and impossible decisions.

Hats off to Jojo Moyes who doesn’t need my applause. She’s written many best sellers. She’s a household name. Not only is this good writing, it is creative in the best way, by which I mean her story often surprises and is never simplistic. The subject and the characters are treated with respect.

If you do not know this author, now is the time to become acquainted.