Monthly Archives: November 2017


Grant by Ron Chernow
The renowned author of Hamilton which sparked the popular musical has just published this comprehensive biography of Ulysses S. Grant. Word has it there’s never been a better portrait of this famous if flawed American. The following sentence ends a review by Bill Clinton in the New York Times Book Review, “ If we still believe in forming a more perfect union, his steady and courageous example is more valuable than ever.”

Sourdough by Robin Sloan
This novel brings the theme of conflict between outdated and the latest technology. Many think the story is delicious fun. A robotics programmer leaves Michigan for a job in California. She discovers the San Francisco Bay’s food mecca where she comes to be gifted with sourdough starter and from there the story rises (pun intended).

The Glass Houses by Louise Penny
This is the four star thriller I am reading right now. I think it is her best yet. The Christian Science Monitor calls it an “explosive read”; another reviewer pronounces it a “poignant meditation on power, privilege and responsibility.” Many reviewers continue to praise this one.

Ants Among Elephants by Sujatha Gidla
Here is a memoir by an author who was born as an untouchable in the south of India. Bookmarks gives this one four stars and so do many other reviewers. The book purports to inform the reader on politics, misogyny, caste oppression, poverty and more.

Its All Relative by A. J. Jacobs
What is family? Where are our cousins? Who are our cousins? Follow this author’s journal to learn more about geneology in a wild and wacky sense. Actually I’m not sure what this book is about. The descriptions and info about this book both escape and entice me. I want to take a closer look.