Here we are Jan. 10, 2018. Can you believe it?

Number 1: Hey. Thanks so much for all those great birthday wishes. Made for a great day.

We are starting a new year with this blog. readeatlive.com

Wishing all of you well.

Next summer this blog will celebrate five years. Can’t believe it.

A post by a Florida friend and blog reader today reminded me of the owls at Fort Matanzas. Pictures from at least 5 years ago. The pair made their home there for several years. They remind us how things change and just how wide-ranging our interests are as time goes by.

My resolution this year is to see if I can’t take care of some of the technical glitches that plague our blog. This probably means I must buckle down, study and explore more, and post less. So hang in there. All suggestions are welcomed. Do tell me what problems you continue to have in reading this blog and what kind of posts you most enjoy. We will pull ahead together.

My goals for posts continue: to encourage reading and to throw in some good food ideas and info along the way.

Let’s see what happens next. Maybe we can sometimes fly with the grace of this egret.

These pictures courtesy of Jerry Lein.

Easter Blessings to all!


Wishing all blog readers a great year in 2017. Thanks so much for reading this blog – and for your encouragement. My sister tells me sales at Indie book Stores are up this past year. Since this blog means to encourage reading that is good news. Yesterday a beautiful note from a blog reader. I had not been aware she ever read the blog. She energized me for the next year. Thank you!

Taking Stock – It’s not been a fantastic reading year but a comfortable one. That means its time to shake things up a bit!

Looking Ahead – Time to reenergize my reading. Time to listen more carefully to blog readers. Time to read more broadly. Where else do we need to go?

Action – Blog Readers – Let me know which topics you most enjoy on readeatlive.com What do you want to see featured more often? New ideas?!

Contact me: Paulette Mitchell Lein by scrolling down and commenting on this page, or by commenting on Facebook or by e-mailing you comments to me. Your comments and readership are vital to the health and well-being of readeatlive. Thank – you!!!!


JULY 5, 2016

A marvelous travel op over the next few days may mean fewer new posts, or not….never sure of the future?!

Wish me well and celebrate three years of readeatlive/blog by checking out some old favorites or an interesting post you may have missed. Peruse the archives or a turn to a page from the menu you often neglect.

Interesting posts are ahead, I promise. 🙂

June 16, 2016

With love for all God’s children, let us resolve to treat all with kindness and to extend our hearts and prayers to all those in pain because of the Orlando killings. Not only in the aftermath of this tradgedy but in each hour and day as we go forward may we reach out to others, both those we know and love and those we do not know who are different from us in some way, a way that is always less important than we sometimes think. Loving others is our task, our only task.


December 30, 2015

The arrival of a new year is the traditional time for taking stock. This morning some wise words from Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In greeted me. Just eight months ago she lost her young husband suddenly to a heart incident.

I join her in resolving to find joy in living life and to strive to connect with and even inspire others….I’m no Sheryl Sandburg but…

I resolve…each day
to write the name of a good friend I contacted
to write three things I did well that day
to write three joyful moments.

Like Sheryl I choose life and meaning over death, tragedy and worry. (the worry part is me…not Sheryl.)

I thank her for her efforts and her writing.

I’m off for a week in Oklahoma with a fantastic son, his equally fantastic wife and their beautiful and determined little girl. Should be a ball! Keep the prayers going on my behalf. I certainly need them.

I’ll hope to update blog readers on how my resolutions are working out in a couple of months.

Wishing you a fabulous changeover from 2015 to 2016.


Update July 30, 2015


In June 2013 I began this blog. It is filled with mostly a more extemporaneous type of writing. It has been a hopeful and joyful experience. Often I post a short piece of writing connected to reading or eating, hence the title readeatlive.

I’m grateful to all you friendly readers. We have passed the two-year mark together. These flowers are for you.

Events of the past few months have kept me from posting as often or as well as I would like. I’m hoping I’ll keep writing. I’m hoping you readers stick with me through these thinner times. I’m hoping you comment and let all of us know what parts and pieces of this conversation you most enjoy. Hopes and dreams make life a richer experience. Thanks for supporting mine.

Reading and eating are best enjoyed in the company of friends! Thanks for being my friends!



Update: June 20, 2014

Blogging this past year has definitely been a memorable writing experience: exhilarating, risky, and just plain fun. Confession: readeatlive.com/blog has taken over my writing time and my writing mind. I’m struggling to include other writing projects, not to mention other important priorities in my life. But, if research and submissions particularly have suffered, the joy of connecting with readers keeps me going. Some comics say they love the stand-up stage and cannot live without it even when TV and film opportunities come along. I never understood that, until I became a blogger. The importance of connection is all consuming. Still, I search for more writing time in every day, and ways to better allocate the time I find.

It is not surprising, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude to you readers/viewers out there. In the same way I’m always searching more books, I’m hoping for even more readers/viewers. You are the most important part of this whole endeavor. Do keep our conversation going. I depend on you!

June, 2013: Introducing Blog and Its Writer

Always, I find joy in promoting reading and writing.  Oh, and eating delicious food usually follows close behind those two on my joy list.

My name is Paulette Mitchell Lein and this blog is a new way to share my writing and the writing of others, along with the joy of living.

I write historical fiction and poetry. This means I spend time in places and times that require uncovering characters and places buried by passing years and my own lack of knowledge and understanding. There is always something new to learn whether I’m studying the Florida prairie, women in medieval times or my pioneering foremothers finding life’s pathways in the nineteenth century Midwest.

So with my heartfelt thanks to my terrific family and friends for their love and support, I hope you will follow my joy as I read, eat, research and write my way along the path that lies ahead.

Recently I have written several poems meant to illuminate what life might have been like for Katherina Von Bora the wife of Martin Luther, the reformer, in the early sixteenth century. Find one of these poems posted in the Writing section of this blog.

Come along and enjoy the fun. Let me know what you are reading and writing these days. Oh yes, and a terrific recipe or newly discovered twist on your favorite food is always welcome.

18 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Jason B. Ladd


    I just wanted to follow up with you about a book review request I sent a few days ago. It was for a book called One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview.

    I’d love to know if this is something you’re interested in, even if you can’t get to it right away. If this isn’t a good fit for you, just let me know!

    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Jason B. Ladd

  2. Joseph Joel

    Dear Paulette:
    I came across your site via The Book Blogger List website. I am so pleased with what you said about compassion for the Orlando victims. Anyway, based on your online presence, it is obvious that you take books seriously but enjoy them. Your reviews are thorough and thoughtful. And, you clearly enjoy a variety of books as well as many other aspects related to books. These qualities are admirable ones in a book blogger.

    Might I convince you to take a look at my upcoming book, Yes, I Named My Daughter Gaylord Focker. So Focking What! (Over 1,000 Real Names of Real People, All Weird) by Joseph Joel, no kids. Don’t want little sh*theads on my floor. I was just kidding! It releases as an eBook September 1. It is a quick read at just over 11,000 words that will be worth every minute that you will choose to spend with it.
    Thanks for considering this request. I look forward to hearing from you,

    Joseph Joel

    Here is a part of Yes, I Named My Daughter Gaylord Focker. So Focking What! (Over 1,000 Real Names of Real People, All Weird) by Joseph Joel, no kids. Don’t want little sh*theads on my floor. I was just kidding!:
    To begin with, let me be clear: this book is unusual and very, very funny because it is real. But, it is maybe the world’s first unbook. That is, there is little narration. It is a book of lists. You will laugh, but there are few bona fide jokes unless you think that it is funny for a parent to name his kid, “Dick Head.”

    Now, consider this information:

    Outraged customer ahead of me in a store. Unreasonable business associate. Nothing that a good chuckle can’t cure.

    If you pay attention, you can learn a lot about people. Some of it is obvious. Some of it is bizarre.

    Now, about the obvious: Everybody has a name, and everybody can relate to names. As a person who talks but especially listens a lot, I run into unusual and quirky names often. But still, this book has taken most of my life to write. Anyway, I write down the person’s name and verify it later regarding getting the information correct in the first place. No name is incorrectly reported in my fierce quest for accuracy.

    I have learned that there is not a person alive who does not have or know somebody with a name that is atypical or weird. The waitress at one of my favorite diners in town is sure to remind me that her name is “Bippie,” and if I get it wrong, I may find a fake fingernail in my lentil soup. Not really. She does a professional job!

    I met this wonderful woman named “Luna.” Her whole life, she was tormented by this first name. But worse, she hated that she was not given a middle name. While growing up, she would pin imaginary middle names on her bedroom curtain quite often. And, when she turned 21, she legally gave herself the middle name of “Delight.”

    Now, the pronunciations may not be what some people might expect, but the spelling is what matters. For instance, “Moron” may have a Spanish or even a French pronunciation that we would not initially expect which is better than the “I am a dumbass” related pronunciation. But, the spelling is the same.

    A part of the inspiration for the book is a custom-made license plate that I saw while walking on a lonely street in a city where I resided at the time. It said, “MORON.” Is that how that person wanted to be labeled and known? What was the thinking behind giving one’s car, and hence oneself, such a name? Or, was thinking even possible in this case? I, on the other hand, do not want to look stupid. Silly, outrageous, sarcastic, thorough, and funny are much more my style.

    And, it was not long ago that I found a sign outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that said “Shit Creek.” Does anybody wanna go fishing?

    Now, what inspired this whole book even more, however, is my love of movies. I saw Meet the Parents, in which the main character, played by Ben Stiller, is named “Gaylord Focker.” I learned that Jim Carrey came up with this name only for one of the producers to learn that there actually are three Gaylord Fockers in America, or at least this notion is what he believed. (I do not think that he researched this suspicion well.) In fact, the producer was wrong, or at least, I see no evidence of it. Nobody really has or had that name in real life. Everybody makes mistakes, even producers of hilarious movies. He will remain nameless. It is only fair. Ha ha!

    Anyway, it was just too much¬¬¬──the combination of the name “Gaylord Focker” and seeing bizarre names on an infrequent basis in my social life and business life──that propelled me into the huge research project that evolved into this delightful, irreverent, and funny, but even somewhat educational, book. Not too educational, however. Let’s be real. This book is the paper or computer wire version of the fart. It is nothing groundbreaking, brilliant, or special. It doesn’t even smell good.

    Still, you can believe me: you will see people in a different light when you are done with this book. And, you will realize that celebrities are not the only people who curse their children with impossible-to-live-with names although weird names related to celebrities are listed in this book as well.

  3. Jason B. Ladd

    I am looking for reviews for my non-fiction book One of the Few: A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview. It’s about my struggle with doubt during a search for truth and a reasonable defense of the Christian faith.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in receiving a copy and providing a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I can provide the ebook in Kindle, ePub, and PDF, and Audible audiobook format, and softcovers on request.

    (I can provide you a free promotional code for Audible!)

    Publish Date: November 2015
    Publisher: Boone Shepherd
    Genre: Christian non-fiction
    Page count: 318
    Accolades: #1 Bestseller on Amazon, 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist


    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Jason B. Ladd

  4. Danielle Esplin

    Hi, Paulette!

    I really like your content! Your feedback is professional and constructive.

    I’m the author of Give it Back, a psychological thriller that will be published on the 15th of April 2016. I sent my manuscript to my editor this week. If you are interested in my novel, I’ll send you a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    Here’s the description of my debut novel:

    Not long ago, Lorraine lost her husband to another woman. She thought that’s the worst thing that could happen to her, but soon she realizes it’s only the beginning of an everlasting nightmare.

    The au pair, Lexy, moves to Seattle to help Lorraine with her infant son. But she didn’t come for the kids, she came for something else.

    When Ella receives a call from her sister, Lorraine, who begs her to leave San Diego to spend time with her in Seattle, she thinks she will take a few days off from work. Frightened to see how her sister weakened since her diagnoses, she packs her small bag with a foreboding that this might be the last time she sees her.

    But on her way to the airport she learns that something shocking had happened between the day she last spoke with Lorraine and the morning of the flight. Lorraine’s testimony changes, making Ella question how unreliable her sister really is.

    Soon Ella is entangled in a mysterious investigation, and more so, in the lives of everyone involved. Not only will she realize that she won’t go home soon, but she will never look at others the way she did before.

    This book is written from three character’s perspectives: Lorraine, Lexy, and Ella. I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for your time!

    My website: http://www.danielleesplin.com
    Hope PDF format would be okay!

    Kind regards,

  5. Donald Firesmith

    Nice blog. Please review my novella, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below.

    Synopsis) A geologist, his climatologist wife, two graduate students, a local newspaper reporter, an oil company representative, and a field biologist travel to one of dozens of huge holes that have mysteriously appeared in the tundra of the North Slope of Alaska. Their mission is to research these strange craters that threaten financial and environmental catastrophe should they open up under the Trans-Alaska Pipeline or any of the many oil wells and smaller pipelines that feed it. Unfortunately, a far worse danger lurks below, one that threatens to destroy all of humanity when it emerges. Who will live and who will die on Hell Day and as the team flees south towards Fairbanks?

    The genre is a mix paranormal with fantasy and bits of action/adventure, science fiction, and horror.

    I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Rick Parker

    Hi, Paulette. I just had my first novel published and I’d appreciate it if you would be so kind as to read it and review it in your readeatlive blog. Here’s the book synopsis from the back cover of the book:

    “The Kingdom of Morocco is a quiet, conservative country. At least it was before Karly Winfield arrived. Her best years may be in the rearview mirror, but buxom Karly can still turn heads. Traveling with her portly husband, from the exotic suuqs of Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains to medieval Fes, Karly leaves a trail of cultural faux pas in her wake as the middle-aged couple bickers its way across North Africa.

    However, impressions change when the Winfields encounter strange phenomena in the lonely and ancient village of Tiz Tisgui, located high in the barren mountains of central Morocco. In this isolated locale that evokes a prior age, villagers believe in Jinn and other supernatural beings, while incorporating their steadfast Islamic faith into their humble daily existence.

    Without warning, science, religion, and everything in between begin to collide in unexpected ways. Even the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Morocco and the President of the United States are unable to stave off catastrophe. The best they can hope for is to somehow contain the ensuing damage.

    In the aftermath of the events they were unexpectedly thrust into, Morocco in general and Karly Winfield in particular, find themselves changed, down to their very cores. Neither will ever be the same.

    When Worlds Collide is, in turn, a travelogue, a mystery, and a comedy. But, most importantly, it’s about being human and learning to coexist.”

    Given all the trouble in today’s world, with some fearing that most Muslims are Islamic Extremists, I think the book’s depiction of Muslims as decent, peaceful people is important to be heard.

    The book was just released in paperback and in e-book format and is available through many book outlets. If you’d be willing to read and comment on it in your blog, I’d really appreciate it. Otherwise, I fear it’ll succumb to being “the best book that nobody read!”

    Please let me know if you’re interested and how to proceed.

    Thanks so much for considering my request.



    FYI, you can see my new website at rickparker.org. It has a photo gallery and a blog, if you want to get a better sense of who I am.

  7. Walt Hackman


    I am the author of a book titled No Problem, Mr. Walt. Please take a look at my web site and see if the subject matter catches your eye. I am interested in having you review my book.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards,
    Walt Hackman

  8. Susan Carter

    Paulette, I have enjoyed everything you’ve written even if I don’t always comment. I love your pieces on food and restaurants and think you might have been a food critic if you had so desired (or a book critic). Your style of writing is exceptionally descriptive and I throughly enjoy it. Please don’t stop but take as much time for yourself and other activities as you need right now. You remain in my prayers.

  9. Jill scypta

    Congratulations on your year Paulette! I have enjoyed reading your blog and have been influenced by many of your suggestions! Keep up the good work! I just finished The Goldfinch as per your top ten listing and absolutely loved it! I passed my book onto a friend who is a birder and wildlife illustrator from the Chicago Institute and purchased a second copy for my daughter in New York City. Thank you!!!!

  10. Peggie Schiller

    congratulations on your blog — this is so perfect for you! Love the spinach dip recipe and will add to my collection!

  11. Patti Johannsen

    This is fun! I can’t wait to check out your favorite books. I have a friend who is a retired teacher, reader and writer who would appreciate your blog. (Actually, I have two that come to mind immediately.) I’ll share the URL with Cece and Susan if that’s ok with you. You are off to a great start on this new project, Paulette. Bravo!


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