Ackroyd’s Scottish Bakery, since 1949

Thanks to my brother and my daughter today was my first visit to this Detroit Institution. What a welcoming place. Hospitality matches the good food. At the counter and in the kitchen Joe Hakim was totally charming and answered all my questions. Service is outstanding.

Joe Hakim at the bakery with some lovely fern cakes

Meat Pie is the top seller with Mac and cheese pie coming in second. There are five Scottish bakeries in the country and this one is unique because of its vintage pie machine.

You can find this bakery on facebook and twitter. They ship nationwide. The website is

This bakery features savory pies, pasties, tea cakes, breads, and meats as well as imported groceries such as biscuits and crackers. This time I bought chicken curry pie, Steak and mushroom pasty, bridie, cheese and onion pie and a sausage rolls.

We also had a taste of Irn-bru, pronounced iron brew, really quite delicious.

I have tasted some of these wares, and also shortbread and raspberry bars. Everything so far tasted delicious. The curry is a bit spicy but be brave.

Let’s hear it for Scottish Bakeries! Gracious hospitality and a taste of Scotland….so delicious!

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