Back at Ellen’s, this time for lunch.


Silky smooth lobster bisque with large chunks of lobster. It was exquisite: the taste, the feel of it on your tongue, the aroma. What a way to start a meal!


The menu here will draw you into a memorable eating experience. There are too many good things to list. Here’s the link to their website and complete menu.

We shared a crisp, hearty chef salad, so fresh, and an egg salad sandwich on toasted sour dough, the best of this type of bread I’ve eaten. The house-made ranch dressing at Ellen’s is indeed a special treat. At Ellen’s you can eat smart and eat well.


What bread to buy is always a hard choice. We opted for hamburger buns this time, and they did not disappoint: toasted and delicious for our fish sandwiches at supper. We also took home some crisp, tangy coleslaw to go with the fish sandwiches.


The bakery counter displays tempting sweets like cakes, muffins, éclairs, well you can see for yourself. This time, with much effort, we exercised restraint. But I dreamed of the almond apricot muffin I did not buy all week-end. That’s a reason to hurry back!

If you live anywhere in the Detroit area, don’t miss a chance to eat here. If you live far away, dream of finding a bakery as good as this one.


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