Mei Wen Ti Wooden Boat Show

pictures courtesy of the author

No Problem, Mr. Walt: A Memoir of Loss, Building a Boat, Rebuilding a Life, and Discovering China
Author: Walt Hackman
Publisher: www., 2015
Genre: Memoir
Paperback Edition: 279 pages
Source: Personal copy

Walt Hackman has written a compulsively readable travel memoir. He made his dreams come true in multiple ways and to read about his efforts and his travels is inspiring. There is drama and delight. He always keeps the focus on the forward movement of building a boat.

A Chinese Junk, Chinese food (complete with recipes), travel and business keep the pages turning. For this reader the descriptions of Chinese people and customs were one of the most interesting aspects of the memoir. Hackman made each city and place where he visited and conducted business during his multiple trips to China come to life, as if the reader were viewing places in a documentary with a personal touch. Hackman has done an excellent job of inserting facts while keeping the forward flow of the narrative. He does not overwrite. In chapter 21 the story of his pet cricket and crickets in Chinese life is most enchanting. But the real suspense: Will the Chinese Junk get built? Will the complications of boat building in China work together to produce the desired result?

Last winter Mr. Hackman asked me to take a look at his book. He was kind enough to send me a copy when it became available. Thank you, Mr. Walt. It is and was a very enjoyable read. Mr. Hackman thoughtfully includes information about China, people and places and further references.

You can see photos of the Mei Wen Ti, a traditional Chinese junk, and more at the author’s website His is a beautiful website complete with much interesting information. The current owner of the junk keeps the junk in good condition. It recently won the People’s Choice Award in the Wooden Boat Show in Newport Beach, California.

The book is available in eBook form from Amazon and a print copy can be ordered on his website.

Follow Mr. Hackman on Facebook and Twitter @ Walt Hackman.

This reader enjoyed the humor, mystery and suspense of this extraordinary journey as told by Mr. Hackman. One doesn’t need to be interested in China or in boat building to enjoy this book. It’s quite simply a very good read. Enjoy.

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