Camino Island
Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Doubleday, 2017
Genre: Mystery
Hardcover Edition: 290 Pages
Source: Personal Copy

All the characters in this one are fun – even the crooks. And maybe the line between who is a crook and who isn’t is a bit thin, but all ends well. Who will outsmart whom? Grisham is the master storyteller. Structure, plot, setting, characters all work together as they should for the best kind of read.

Life in a beach cottage on a North Florida Atlantic Coast Island – just where the reader would like to be; well, this one anyway. Much of the action takes place in a bookstore. The tale is all about books and manuscripts. Coastal lunches, what a life! And yes, there is a lovely young heroine who may well save the day; a conflicted writer trying to finish a novel and desperate to figure out how to pay off college loans.

The story begins with a complicated heist at Princeton University. The details are interesting and carefully laid out by Grisham. A reader can’t turn the pages fast enough. Goodreads gives this book four stars. This reader gives it 5. This may be the most appealing of Grisham’s books and certainly a summer favorite. Many readers agree as it sits atop multiple bestseller lists.

Don’t miss this one. Lose yourself at the beach. You won’t regret it. Delectable, delicious….you get the idea!


  1. Richard Keier

    I am currently reading Grisham’s, Testament, and learning a lot about Brazil and wills and family greed! So glad that our family all get along so well and we don’t have Billions to even think about!

  2. Richard Keier

    I really enjoyed this book, too and would also give it 5 stars. Lots of jun and hard to put down. Really learned a lot about various ares and about manuscripts of famous authors. Glad that you enjoyed it, too, Paulette!


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