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Thank you to blog viewers/readers. I am grateful for every one of you and for every time you visit www.readeatlive.com/blog Whether you come to pass the time, to find a new book, bookstore, author, restaurant or recipe or to investigate whatever else I may have posted, each of your visits is important to me. Writers write so someone will read and share an interest.

It’s time to celebrate one year of blogging. It’s hard to believe. Yes, readeatlive is one year old. The first post was on June 11, 2013. To celebrate I’ll be reposting some of last summer’s most popular views. I’ll repost on different pages and mix it up a bit. If you have favorites you think should be reposted, do let me know. Hopefully this will give me some time to attend to some of the technical aspects of blogging. (??)

I have three requests for you to consider.

Please comment on what you like, what kind of posts you want to see more often. Also, tell me what you find less interesting.

Please, Please consider subscribing. On the top left of the home page, you may enter your e-mail to subscribe. You will receive a notice when there is a new posting on the Home page. For the Food, Reading and Writing Page, you will need to check these at you convenience or when you go to the home page. Use the menu across the top to go to different pages. Rest assured your e-mail will not be used in any way. And many thanks to those of you who are already subscribers!

If this blog gives you a few minutes of thoughtful pleasure, please, please, please send the website to five friends who love books and food. Chances are they will like the blog. www.readeatlive.com/Blog

As year number two gets underway, you and I will be thinking about the pleasure of reading and what it may mean in our lives and in the lives of others. Most of us want to share our reading, writing, and ideas with others. Much of the fun of books lives on in our connections with others. There are rewards to our reading adventures, though I don’t understand entirely what they are. What do you think is your greatest reading reward?

Guest bloggers are always welcome. Send me an e-mail or alert me in the comments section.

OK! Off and running for another year! Join the fun!


  1. Susan Carter

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday to the Blog. I have truly enjoyed it, although I’m still behind in reading all the posts I want to read. I’ve enjoyed all the topics, and especially like the reader interviews & your writing style. Your reviews are better than most of those I read in the newspaper, whether it be about a book or restaurant.

  2. Judy dawson

    Congratulations on a very wonderful blog. You have been such a wonderful example of a truly meaningful life.

    1. PauletteMitchellLein@comcast.net Post author

      Thanks for the comment! If I can’t see you in person, this is the next best thing.

  3. Judith

    congratulations! it’s been fun … I enjoy the fact that it is always a surprise … today will I get a review, a recipe, a poem, or … ?


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