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If we could walk back in time, we might visit the Detroit’s Farmer’s Market when it moved to its present location between Gratiot and Mack near St. Aubin in 1891 and was renamed Eastern Market. It’s been in that place ever since, and it has grown. Some of the movie Presumed Innocent starring Harrison Ford and Brian Dennehy was filmed there. The market that began in 1841 in Cadillac Square has become a premier Detroit attraction, one visited by thousands every week.

The market is sprawling, large, filled with all kind of things. One visit does not give the scope of the experience. The huge sheds shelter many vendors and crowds of people stroll and buy, some in a hurry, some not-so-much. There is a walking tour I’d love to take some time. Detroit history right under my feet and not so far from home.

Here’s the link for more information about Detroit’s Eastern Market

Last Saturday’s visit was getting my feet wet, since I had not visited the place in quite a few years. I’m glad I went and I want to go back and see more. But here’s a start.

Many vendors are set up in huge sheds that make me think of a state fair.

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Racks of herb plants

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More Veggies

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Tomatoes and more

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Onions, shallots, garlic

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Greens and flower blossoms

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Melo Farms had Berkshire pork products and chicken


Avalon Breads

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Sweet Potato Pies

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Pictured here, pecan

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I love Spice Miser where I can buy a small amount of something exotic.

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Breakfast at Farmer’s Restaurant where the chef added spinach and mushrooms to my egg sandwich. Yumm! Service was first rate. Special thanks to the chef and staff!

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I could have had a beignet. Next time!


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      No doubt your stuff in Ellijay is for sure from local growers. At the huge Eastern Market, some produce is from wholesalers who brought items to Detroit. One has to know what is in season and ask questions. But it is an adventure.


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