Season 5 concluded last evening. Many fans (and I am one of them) look forward to January, 2016. Wow, seems a long way in our future. But let’s hold our thoughts of the Downton world for a few more minutes.

Here’s some news:


Rose/Lily James may be leaving the show. We will miss her but can see her in a new movie Cinderella in theaters March 13.

Mary’s new interest is Henry Talbot/Matthew Goode, a welcome addition to the cast. We know this actor from The Good Wife and Imitation Game. Mary needs to meet her match. Will this character be up to the task?

And while Allen Leech/Tom Branson also had an interesting role in The Imitation Game and is probably getting lots of acting offers, hope he stays with Downton one more season.


A new villain will need to arrive on the scene. Barrow is becoming downright helpful and good.

Tom Branson/Allen Leach will not leave the show.

Edith will find a new man. Yes, she should let her hair down.


The dresses worn by the ladies of the manor and their hairstyles are terrific, as are all the costumes. Watch for Downton’s costume designer to win an Emmy. What Mary wore to visit Anna in jail was perfection indeed!

Next season, stylists will glam up Mrs. Hughes just a bit.

Quiz: True-False
1. Edith is becoming more interesting with every season.

2. Cora is the glue keeping this family running smoothly.

3. Lord Grantham/Hugh Bonneville keeps getting better and better.

4. Lady Mary could be happy even without Downton.

5. Rose surprised the daylights out of almost everyone.

6. The Dowager Countess and Mary Crawley will stay fast friends.

7. The future will not be smooth for Carson and our favorite housekeeper Mrs. Hughes. (Wait! Is that a question or a prediction?)

8. Happiness is ahead for Bates and Anna.

9. Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess is in the running for an Emmy again.

10. Lord Grantham will be the next character lost to death.

Opinions: (I can’t resist)

I will miss Prince Keragin/Rade Sherbedgin.

The scene honoring Sybil was a nice touch with Tom and the sisters holding hands.

Tom Branson/Allen Leech, please don’t leave the show!


All you Downton fans out there in blogland, do comment with your own predictions and opinions. Join the fun!

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