It’s about time isn’t it? This week is your chance to win a lightly used fiction book.

The names of five winners will be drawn from the name of those of you who comment on this blog. Comment by clicking on reply and name the title of a book you especially enjoyed or comment about anything in your reading world.

Enter now through Thursday April 27 at midnight. More comments. More fun. We want to hear from you.

Winners will receive their books through the mail or hand delivered.

Good Luck!


  1. Patty Hunt

    Just finished We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. It tells the story of a Polish Jewish family being separated at the start of WW11, their struggles and their efforts to reunite.
    It was difficult to read at times but as the author says “all the more reason to read it”.
    The book is fiction, but the author has done extensive research because it is the story her grandparents lived. This is Ms.Hunter’s debut, and am hope more to come.

  2. Jan Kuchar

    It’s always good to get a new book. I am reading The Bridge Ladies by Betsy Lerner right now and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s a memoir — and a lot of it could be mine. Food for thought and lots of laughs.

  3. Nancy Skadden

    I love reading a novel that is character driven and slowly reveals what happened in the past. Kate Atkinson is one of my favorite authors who does that. Behind the Scenes at the Museum is the first in a series.
    When I want something light, Fannie Flagg writes funny, but rich characters. Or I listen to a book on tape from the Miss Julia series.

  4. Susie Brown

    I am currently reading The Practice House by Laura McNeal. It is a tale about a young girl’s journey from Scotland to the drought-stricken wheat fields of Kansas looking for a future of happiness.

  5. Kim Bowden-Adair

    I’m looking forward to reading The Dinner by Herman Koch. There’s also a soon to be released movie!

  6. Barbara Dean

    I recently read Paulette’s recommendation, The Lavender Girls. It’s one of the best for me in a long time!

  7. Bernadette Mainzer

    I series of books I have really enjoyed are the Preston Douglas and Lincoln Child Agent Pendergast mysteries. There are at least 13 written so far. They develop the characters so well and surprise the reader throughout the chapters. The characters are quirky to say the least, but one cares about them. Great books.

    1. Judith

      A Piece of the World by Kristina Baker Kline … fiction based on Christina Olson who was the model for many of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings … I am a fan of Wyeth so therefore enjoyed the book, but not certain everyone would unless they had a connection … would suggest looking at Wyeth’s art before reading


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