BRITISH TV SERIES – Writer and creator Anthony Horowitz

The photo of actor Michael Kitchner in his 40’s fedora may cause a viewer to think this 2002-2015 British TV series boring. Never.

Kitchner plays DCS Christopher Foyle a middle-aged small town police officer in Hastings on the South Coast of England, a dangerous place during the early years of WWII. He fights crime on the home front. The charming actress Honeysuckle Weeks plays his driver and budding investigator Sam. All supporting roles are excellent including side-kick investigator Milner. Foyle initially rescued him from a military hospital. Foyle also has a handsome fly-boy son, Andrew.

More than a detective series, Kitchner uses his calm, laid-back manner and impressive intellect to solve people-problems as well as crime. Everything about this series shows quality. There’s humor, caring, kindness and more. Shows run about 90 minutes.

It is featured today on the blog because so little is available on TV that I’ve been rewatching a few shows. The series remains a favorite. It is available on Netflix for streaming or purchase, and can be purchased from other sources as well. It is also available on Acorn TV. Recently I wrote about enjoying the mystery novel Magpie Murders. My enjoyment of that book by Anthony Horowitz the creator and writer of this series prompted me to watch a few episodes of Foyle at work. The series remains as addicting as ever.

5 Stars. Give it a try, or check the Tomato Meter from the Rotten Tomatoes Reviewing service. See what others have to say!!!

3 thoughts on “FOYLE’S WAR

  1. Susan Carter

    Foyle’s War is one of our favorite shows, definitely 5 stars. Another good one that we’ve been watching again lately is Inspector Gently. They are both so well done and enjoyable.

  2. Mary Ann Piramalli Krengel

    Thanks, Paulette. I will watch Foyle’s War on Netflix. I’m always looking for good TV and love British series. The writing and the acting is almost always superb. Only down side is often I have to put the closed caption on so I don’t miss any of the dialog. That’s not a big deal, though. Grateful for that option.


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