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When I saw the picture of this antique wardrobe posted by one of my many Iowa friends on Facebook (from Broad Street Market at Carter Station), I couldn’t get enough of seeing it. Each day at first, and then every few days, for what must have been two weeks, I would give it a look and simply enjoy its beauty. Soon I imagined that a character in one of my unpublished novels (the one I’m currently trying to find an agent to represent) who was a cabinet maker, had built it. The year was right. And then, one day, I saw clearly two little black boys with bright eyes peering out from the floor of the wardrobe.

In many of the author interviews I read, the interviewer asks the author where she gets her ideas. Authors seem not to like this question. I don’t blame them. I believe writers are always grateful for inspiration wherever it is found. There is no certainty for what will drill deep into the well of interest for any particular writer. Some ideas seem to keep growing. They make me think of Jack and the Beanstalk. What will I find at the top?

So I’m off searching materials about the underground railroad, contraband, Copperheads and the writings of women on the prairie during the Civil War. It’s so much fun. A finished short story with a working title “The Wardrobe” is hopefully in my future. Maybe soon, I’ll have a paragraph or two to share in the Writings section of this blog.

14 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Judith Vitali

    I look at the wardrobe and shades of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe come to mind … think it is the open door 🙂 … but rather than fantasy, it is the history that appeals to me … whose hands have touched it? what was placed inside? in what rooms did it stand?

  2. Rachel Dahlen

    I am captivated by this wardobe as well!! I would love to read the story it has inspired when complete!

  3. Nancy Skadden

    Ah, Paulette! You inspire me as always. Since you are there and I am on Long Island for summer months, this is a wonderful way to visit you and hear what you’re reading, writing and eating.
    Thanks for your blog. The wardrobe is a terrific inspiration piece.

  4. Carol Buddendeck

    Love the blog. Just like having you next door. How many stories could the wardrobe tell?
    Looking forward to making the receipe.
    Carol B

  5. Karen Kozian

    Paulette, you just grow more impressive with each passing year. I will visit your blog frequently and enjoy it almost as much as spending time with you.

  6. Great imagination on entries. Looking forward to future blogs.

    Great imagination on entries. Looking forward to future blogs.
    Anxious to try your Feta Dip. YUM!

  7. Judith Vitali

    absolutely love the site! what a wonderful idea … also love the wardrobe … so many stories it has to share!

    can’t wait to try the feta dip … thanks to you and Jayne

    looking forward to checking your blog on a regular basis … it is so Paulette!

    1. Seglinda Kelle-Pritchard

      Well, Paulette, did you get that wardrobe? It was the BEST! That kind of authenticity won’t be around much longer! I can just smell the inside and taste the stories that it holds.

      1. Post author

        I hope to take a look at that wardrobe in about a week when we are in Iowa. And I hope soon to post an early draft of the first part of the short story it inspired.


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