Yes. It’s that time again! A good-sized stack of fiction is looking for a new home. Five books will be given away.

Enter by commenting on this post with a suggestion for a book I might like to read. I’m in the reading doldrums so I’m looking for suggestions. If you don’t have one, comment as you wish about summer reading.

The contest is open July 27, 28, 29 and will close at midnight on July 29, Saturday. Names will be drawn from the entries and winners will likely be announced Sunday or Monday July 30 or 31. Books will be mailed or delivered to winners the next week.

More entries, More fun!!!! Don’t let this chance for a free book pass you by.


  1. Janice Kuchar

    I am reading The Bookseller by Cynthia Swanson. An interesting read, but I think a poor choice for the title.

  2. Patty Hunt

    i’m reading ” The Force” by Don Winslow. I’ve read and enjoyed others by him, especially The Cartel. It is fiction but scary to think it might be based on fact.
    Denny Malone and his NYPD elite has been given control to “wage war on gangs, drugs and guns”. It is a harsh read so that I need to put it down at times but can’t wait to pick it up again.

    LOVE your blog, Paulette. Glad you’re feeling better.

  3. Susan Carter

    Hi Paulette,
    I love to see so many people responding to your giveaway. I think yu might enjoy The Templars’ Last Secret, the most recent Bruno, Chief of Police mysteries by Martin Walker.

  4. alice reed

    Paulette. Just finished reading the Wedding Gift by MarlenSuyapa Bodden recommend by Jan Heystek. Circumstances bind 2 women together in 1852 in Alabama one a slave and one the wife of the plantation owner. Their journey sets them free. Alice Reed

  5. Nancy Skadden

    I’m reading A Land Remembered historical fiction about the very early days of Florida. What a hard life this family has. Few resources; the trading store over an hour away sometimes has nothing to sell. No flour, no ammunition. The Confederate army demands the the adult males accompany the cattle drive to feed the soldiers, leaving wives and children to fend for themselves. I, used to 21 century luxuries, wouldn’t have made it through those tough times. It’s a great read.

  6. Bernadette Mainzer

    Hi Paulette – I have been reading the James Runcie “Grantchester” mysteries series. The PBS Masterpiece Mystery series “Grantchester” is based on his books. They are set in the 40’s & 50’s within an English village. Centered around a vicar – Canon Sidney Chamberlain – and involves his personal life, his friend, Inspector Geordie Keating, and his community. Each chapter is a separate mystery and they read quite fast and are good. I have enjoyed them a lot. With so much rain this summer, I have had time to read more and not be on the golf course.
    Hope you are doing well – See you in February.


  7. Mary Jo Weisenburger

    If you are into World War II, I recommend The Lilac Girls and The Women in the Castle. If you like art, read The Art Forger.

  8. Maryann phimister

    I have a pile of books that were recommended by you. Thanks. I’m really into mystery right now. Don’t know why, but….

  9. Bonne Hall

    I just read The Lost Key by Catherine Coulter… a new FBI Thriller with a cyber tech Brit.. fast moving!


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