The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane
Author: Kelly Harms
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books. St. Martin’s Press, 2013
Paperback Edition: 290 pages
Genre: Chick-Lit Fiction
Source: A borrowed copy

Two young women with the same name from Cedar Falls, Iowa enter a contest to win a free house on the coast of Maine. They win; or one of them wins. Which one? And so a tale of friendship begins, full of humor and charm.

The two women are very different. Their personalities see-saw between enchanting and well, attention-getting. Both spend time in the kitchen and learning to help others under the tutelage of beloved, quirky Aunt Midge who moves to Maine with her grand-niece. There’s never a dull moment. Who knew how exciting small-town Maine could be? And, as expected, the views are spectacular!

Though the novel may at first strike readers as a bit frothy, there’s plenty to think about. Book Clubs may find this a good introductory choice for the reading season. A Reading Group Guide is provided in the paperback edition along with recipes and an author interview. Female friendships, romance, the ability to change and dealing with difficulties presented by personalities and living are all part of this story. Yes, there are good-looking guys, too, with their own stories.

This novel debuted last summer. A Cedar Rapids, Iowa native, Kelly Harms has been an editor and agent. This is her first novel. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter and at her website

This fun, and often funny, book reads fairly quickly. So sail away into the land of luck, love, and good food, a delightful place to be. And, when you must leave it, you’ll feel better than when you arrived. Can you say the same for every book you read?

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