Glass Houses
Author: Louise Penny
Publisher: Minotaur Books 2017
Genre: Fiction – Mystery
Hardcover Edition: 388 pages
Source: personal copy

Many of you have read some of Louise Penny’s best-selling Inspector Gamache novels. She lives in a small village outside of Montreal, similar perhaps to the Three Pines village of these novels. Her awards are numerous. This is because she is not only a writer of brilliant mysteries, but an outstanding writer in any category. Her prose is epic, poetic and readable.

This time the Chief Inspector, his family and his village are at the very center of the intrigue. The village is besieged by a hooded figure who stands on the village green. It is thought this figure is a “debt collector” arrived to provoke someone’s conscience. Soon a murder victim is discovered in the village church and as you might expect an engrossing mystery ensues.

This is without a doubt the best of her books that I have had the pleasure of reading. This is the book that makes me a true fan! The characters are so clear, the plot is also clear and riveting. And my concern for Gamache escalates with every chapter. Her plot involves history and present-day important issues at once. It also incorporates something of the supernatural. She has always been a master of plot. But this time caring and clarity are central to the novel. For that reason it is unforgettable!

Reading Lousie Penny is a delightful endeavor. I truly thank her! BookMarks magazine awards this one 4 stars and so do I. Don’t miss it!


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