The atmosphere was electric at the opening of B Spot Burgers last Saturday. Chef Michael Symon is known for award-winning burgers at locations in the Cleveland area. Now these burgers are here for you in Rochester Hills with more locations in the works.


Wish I’d taken this picture, a welcome to B Spot Burgers. It shows a side view of the restaurant. Thank you B Spot Burger Facebook Page. But the welcome you don’t want to miss is inside.

We drove over in mid-afternoon. The place was hoppin’ and Chef Symon worked the kitchen and the crowd. He was courteous, fun and, as you might expect, knowledgeable and passionate about the food offered at B Spot: fantastic burgers, brats, beer and much more.

Come along and join the fun.

We ate burgers, stacked with great flavor. My Skinny Lizzie was luscious, cooked to perfection, jazzed with pickle choices and Lola Ketchup. Jerry enjoyed the New Jack City Burger with chorizo sausage, avocado, salsa verde, red pepper, onion and pepperjack cheese.



Those crunchy onion rings were packed with flavor and if you want additional tangy layers of taste, try the coffee BBQ sauce. Jerry said it was definitely the sauce for the rings. And he is an expert on Onion Rings and BBQ sauce, or perhaps I might say, he is very experienced.

You may want to sauce you burger. Sauces at your service.


I liked Lola ketchup. I dressed my Thin Lizzy with assorted pickles including a slice of pickled green tomato.


Yes, there’s a pickle bar. Don’t miss it.

Burgers are cooked to order: well, mid well, medium, mid rare and rare. In our chat with Chef Symon he talked about the quality products so important to his kitchen and the food he serves. Meat is ground from large muscle and the journey from source to plate is known. The cuts used include brisket. The menu lets customers know burger beef is Pat La Frieda’s custom grind. Chef Symon’s one-of-a-kind smile broadens and brightens when he talks about the magic of brisket. (You may wonder if that’s possible, but it is.)

The menu is filled with fun and the promise of all the foods and combos I might try next time. I can’t wait for a second visit. If you are not sure about the burgers on the menu, build your own. There’s also bologna and brats, salads, shakes, fries and more.

Here’s the wall of beer cans behind the bar with its big B. The drinks menu is extensive.


Find complete menus at www.bspotburgers.com Follow them on facebook and twitter.


Chef Symon bestowed his smile on all who entered. He was welcoming and friendly as he mingled with the crowd. It was easy to see his passion for the food and the restaurant.


Staff was focused and working hard. This was after all the opening day. Our waitress was attentive and accommodating. The place looked like it was running smoothly, with lots of people moving this way and that to satisfy the customers who were coming in a steady flow in the late afternoon. No doubt evening was even busier. But I expect that the food continued to be the best.


These burgers have been voted best burgers in America at the Sobe Burger Bash, 2010, 2012, and 2014. I challenge you to find a better burger in Detroit. I’d be very surprised. My Thin Lizzy lived up to the hype. I’ve not tasted better in this city. This place is definitely the new favorite for Jerry and I.

Location: the Village of Rochester Hills, a retail center located in the suburban Rochester Hills north of Detroit near the corner of Walton Road and Adams Road. Learn more about B Spot and the shopping area at www.thevorh.com

Check out B Spot. You won’t be sorry. Loose meaty grind, juicy, luscious, cooked-to-perfection, all the trimmings and a tasty bun that stands up to meat. How could you want more?

See you there, the place where burgers are crazy fun!



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