“We all benefit from learning how to respond to grief in ways that don’t prolong, intensify or dismiss the pain. Likewise, those trying to help need to know that grief cannot be fit into a preordained time frame or form of expression. Too often people who experience a loss are disparaged because their mourning persists longer than others think reasonable or because they remain self-contained and seem not to mourn at all.” Jane L. Brody

In response to Brody’s article “Understanding Grief, and Living Through It.”

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever is happening in your life, find ways to add to your energy bank. Reading and writing add to mine. What a blessing.


2 thoughts on “MIDWEEK QUOTE

  1. Judy Tolley

    Oh my goodness, what a powerful statement! Grieving for me has taken so many forms and I struggle to hide it from family and friends. I hope the worse will be over sooner than later.

  2. Maryann phimister

    How true. It is so hard for others to understand. Even those with grief. Everyone is so different, but in ways the same.


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