OPTION B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy
Authors: Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf, 2017
Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help
Hardcover Edition: 176 Pages
Source: Personal copy

Sheryl Sandberg’s voice is comforting and pragmatic. She may be the best help a reader will ever have for living life. She teaches us more than how to deal with grief and trauma. She teaches us how to adjust attitude and actions to live a more satisfying life.

Yes, this book is for those who have recently lost someone very dear to them but it is for everyone. She teaches readers about resilience, how it comes from within. How can we cultivate the ability to bounce forward and find joy? Along with co-author Adam Grant, she writes openly about her own life. She also relates many other people and programs who have assisted their fellow humans in finding compassion and going forward with courage. The ideas presented are never boring, never pie-in-the-sky, always doable.

This reader recommends this book for everyone. I soaked it up, writing copious notes, underlining, keeping a journal as I read. This book is literally changing my life. Other than the Bible, I can’t say that about any other book I’ve ever read of any genre. Lately, no one can speak to me without hearing how great this book is, how grateful I am to this woman. I recommend different chapters for different people, but my personal favorites are Chapter 4: Self-Compassion and Self-Confidence. Grief can steal one’s confidence. It’s surprising but true. And also Chapter 5: Bouncing Forward. My favorite image. Some of the bumps hurt, mightily.

Randomly, here are some of my notes:
Take back (experiences from the past you still wish to own)
How do my actions make others feel?
The importance of family history in creating resilience.
It’s up to me to stay calm on my own.
Survivor guilt is the thief of joy
The ability to listen to feedback is a sign of resilience.
People can build hope together.
Just be yourself.
Be kind to yourself. Help your children be kind to themselves.
A mistake need not be pervasive or permanent.

What is Option B? Sometimes your first choice, Option A, is not available. Make the most of Option B. Bounce forward. Find joy. This does not deny trauma and pain. It is a way to work through the tough things life throws our way, a strategy to build joy into our lives.

She is not preaching. She is living! Please join her and lift your life, facing the adversity, bouncing forward and finding joy. This book is riveting. It is certainly the first time I have ever been happy reading about grief, loss, mistakes and failure. The words and experiences in this book are grounded in reality, caring and kindness. I suggest it will help you be your new possible self!

2 thoughts on “OPTION B: BOOK COMMENT

  1. Maryann phimister

    I absolutely agree. Parts of the book brought tears and was very real in my life. Reading this was a good jolt to help me think about others and to accept my own feelings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richard Keier

    My daughter bought copies for me and for herself. We are both reading this book. I have not gotten very far in it, but sure hope that it helps.


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