The original television series Orange Is The New Black is available on Netflix, developed and written by Jenji Kohan based on the memoir by Piper Kerman of the same name. Classified as a dramedy, it features mostly female characters and is set in Litchfield Prison.

Mostly, or so it seems to me, this series raises questions. I’m wondering what you think?

1. Are you caught up in the “Orange” storm, or not?

2. Do you watch?

3. Have you watched all thirteen episodes?

4. What do you think?

5. Do you enjoy binge watching?

6. What surprised you most about Season 2?

7. Do you have a new favorite character this season?

8. Do you feel angry when you watch this show? If yes, where do you direct your anger?

9. Do you not stop to analyze, but just enjoy the action?

10. If you don’t watch, why don’t you?

11. About “Orange”, would you circle: awesome, unwatchable or just-not-interested?

12. Do you discuss “Orange” with your friends, family, anyone?

13. What do you expect from Season 3?

14. Do you most appreciate the excellence of the acting, writing, or the difficult issues the series attempts to deal with in a television series?

15. What about the male characters in the series? Are they given a fair portrayal?

16. If you have not watched this series, does the critical acclaim for Season 2 cause you to consider watching?

You are invited to comment as always. Answer these questions or ask your own. If you would like to write a blog (300-450 words) on this series, please contact me via Facebook or blog comment and I will send you my e-mail address so you can send me the copy. I will expect to post your guest blog.

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