The Outlander series on STARZ is capturing the imagination of many TV viewers. The second episode aired recently with more to come. Are you enjoying it? How do you feel about the casting?

Are Jamie and Claire as you always imagined them, or not? This new version of our favorite characters gives another life to a story many of us have enjoyed for a number of years. Is it a jolt to see Claire in a white dress, streaked with dirt, and riding astride a horse toward an inhabited castle? Or is it what you expected to see when you got the chance?


Author Diana Gabaldon’s fans are legion with good reason. She does some things better than any author I know. The action, the plot twists and turns, the multiple story lines, the many distinct characters; that’s only scratching the surface of her writing skills. Her latest book, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, may well be a read so terrific it’s the equal of her first book.


I’d not be surprised if readers are reading her books multiple times, and watching the new TV episodes of Outlander more than once. Or, are you one who is saving up for a binge watch.

Please let us know if you are watching and what you think.

And, what about this? If you read the novels more than once, with a span of intervening months or years, do your opinions change? If they do, how do they change? Please comment on your experiences with Ms. Gabaldon’s imaginative stories.

Before I leave you, and while we are still in the Scotland of the past, I want to bring to your attention a great article in the August, 2014 issue of National Geographic titled “Before Stonehenge”. It surprised me to learn about the past of the Orkney Islands 5000 years ago. Stone Age Orkney has been discovered to be an exciting place and time. Instead of imagining those islands to the far north of Scotland as utterly remote, “ it was an important maritime hub, a place that was on the way to everywhere.”(p. 47) Learn why when you read the article. It is as absolutely fascinating in its own way as the stories of passing through the stones, time travel, love, war and family entanglements in the history of Scotland and America. It’s hard to choose what is more mind-bending and highly interesting: the ancient history of the Scottish Isles or the stories of Diana Gabaldon.

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