December ticks away like a clock gaining time. Some of you have already filled the month with unique holiday experiences for 2015. The rest of us are shaking our heads. Which of the many remaining opportunities to watch, go visit, eat, read and see will find a way into the remaining days of December?

Here’s Five Areas to Ponder. Please comment and let us know what you are hearing, watching, visiting, eating and reading this month.

Will it be Adele’s new album 25, or Handel’s Messiah, or U2 Live In Paris (HBO) The later is currently scheduled to broadcast on Dec. 22, probably to be repeated and available on-demand. And what about the favorite of many of us: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You?”

Here in Michigan The Henry Ford and the DIA are the premiere museums through there are many others. Some Christmas greetings I’ve received mention St. Andrews in Scotland or Woodstock in Vermont as places to Go Visit. In St. Augustine, Florida there’s the dazzling light show in historic downtown. What destination calls you?

Many families have a favorite restaurant that invites them during the holidays. Buddy’s Pizza draws terrific crowds in the Detroit area. What about a favorite steak house or seafood house? I had a fantastic seafood lunch earlier this month at Streetside Seafood in Birmingham as a gift from my son Jeff. Thank you Jeff. Travelers are posting about Collage in St. Augustine and Columbia in Tampa. And at home? Will I make raspberry Kolaches or cranberry oatmeal cookies this year? Will I have a chance to eat either?

Is there a production of A Christmas Carol in your area this year? High on so many lists is the new Star Wars movie out this week in many cities. There’s a bushel barrel full of movies receiving media attention. It’s hard to pick because so many writers and critics point the viewer in this way and that. Perhaps you have a favorite traditional holiday film that your family always sees. That solves the problem. If not: Brooklyn, Mockingjay Part 2, Joy, The Peanuts Movie, and The Martian are some with broad appeal.

Here’s the toughest category because suggested lists of best books or vacation reads travel a meandering road from A-Z. You could choose to read Phibrick’s Heart of the Sea because the movie is out and according to advance report is it not nearly as good as the book in spite of being directed b Ron Howard. Maybe it’s an adventure better left to pure imagination, no visuals.

Maybe you have a favorite Christmas Story you take refuge in during the holidays. Maybe you teach all the little ones in our family to recite “The Night Before Christmas” and hence no time for reading. Maybe you’ve decided to both see the movie and read the play, “Macbeth”. But if you simply must have the smell of print and glue and stiff new pages for it to be a holiday read, I suggest: Rogue Lawyer, Golden Age, The Martian, Custer’s Trials, Brave Enough, The Givenness of Things (essays by Marilynne Robinson), H Is For Hawk, or The Witches by Stacy Schiff. Just like those other writers, I’m trying to offer the waterfront.

What with all the things this season is to so many of us, most likely you will not have a dull moment. And yet, isn’t there some experience you always wanted to have, but the time is never right or available during the holiday. For me, it’s watching The Nutcracker Ballet. I always dream of it but never get there. What Christmas Experience is on your bucket list? Do tell. Or what was one of your best December experiences this year?

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  1. Susan Carter

    We plan to see Star Wars as a family (a tradition), but it’s been so busy that I’ve not had time for any of the other things. Our 50th wedding anniversary is right after the first of the year so that will be our big party of the season, replacing the ones we normally have before Christmas.


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