Time for the Poetry Month Giveaway.

Five of these seven books of poems will be given away this month. Enter to win by commenting on this post about poetry or simply write the title that you would be happy to win from those listed below.

Entries will close at midnight on Sunday April 24. Expect to announce winners on Monday, April 25, 2016.

You take your chances on a book when you enter the fiction give-away. But to encourage comments/entries in the poetry win-a-book-contest, here are the seven titles and a bit of information about each one. Winners will receive one of these books.

Living On The Flood Plain by James A. Zoller
This is a paperback edition published by Word Farm in 2008. Zoller’s poems have appeared in many literary journals. A colleague Mark Defoe writes,”These poems do what all good poems should do––take us to a place on earth and make it live, make it matter.”

A Map of the Night by David Wagoner
This paperback edition was published by University of Illinois Press, 2008. This poet has published 18 collections of poetry as well as ten novels. Among his awards count the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize.

Blood Dazzler by Patricia Smith
This volume is a National Book Award Finalist and was published in 2008 by Coffee House Press in paperback. The poems deal with Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.

Evidence by Mary Oliver
This hard-cover edition was published in 2009 by Beacon Press. Mary Oliver is the winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for poetry. She has 18 previous books and lives in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is the most well-known poet in this group.

Recluse Freedom by John Leax
Published by Word Farm in 2012, this is a paperback edition. Many of the poems have appeared in literary journals. This is his fifth collection of poetry. Here is what Jeanne Murray Walker wrote about this book for the back cover, in part. “This book steps out of our culture of hectic voices and extravagant, self-aggrandizing gestures with a quietness that seems almost impossible. As Leax meditates on natural creatures, the land, memory, Chinese poetry, and the Psalms, he transforms himself into a trust-worthy tour guide through a territory of profound solitude and stillness.”

Local Knowledge by B. H. Fairchild.
This author is the winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry. This volume was published by W.W. Norton and Company in paperback in 2005. But it first appeared in hard cover 10 years earlier. These are plain poems in the style of James Wright, Phillip Levine, Walt Whitman. Some of the poems deal with the Midwest, but others roam farther afield.

Things That No Longer Delight Me by Leslie C. Chang.
Published in paperback by Fordham University Press 2010, the poems in this slim volume address the stories of family history. They are written in a variety of forms and have appeared in such well-known journals as “Crab Orchard Review” and “American Poetry Review”.

Good Luck! Poetry is expensive to buy, no matter the slimness of the book or how well-known the poet. So this is chance to own a book of poems at no cost…..expect, all of these books contain my notations, which some readers may find distracting. Most comments if not all are in pencil; they can be erased, and your book will look almost like new.


  1. Susan Carter

    Poetry has always been one of my favorite forms of writing but I read it much less now than when I was younger – only because I often don’t think of picking up a volume of poetry. Note to self: read more poetry.


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