Today’s post is the next installment in the readeatlive/blog continuing series, “Reader Interviews”. Today meet Jan Sansom who lives in the greater Detroit area and has a wide variety of interests.

Tell us about what you are reading.

Currently reading the last of the “Odd” series by Dean Koontz. The lead character, Odd Thomas, has a mystical psychic power that leads him into some wonderful and terrifying situations.

Do you have a favorite author or genre?

Love Philippa Gregory. I am enchanted by any book that begins “the summer of 1582”. Means I can travel back in time and refresh some English history. I also enjoy anything by Patricia Cornwell: Kay Scarpetta’s forensic autopsies and Italian recipes with a little romance thrown in for balance.

What genres do you avoid?

Science fiction and apocalyptic tales.

Is there a recent book you have been urging others to read?

“The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls because it took me inside the lives and hearts of kids dealing with utter poverty and surviving in spite of it.

Where and when do you find time to read?

Read every night in bed and on vacations.

What have you not read that you would like to read?

I don’t often read non-fiction but am looking forward to Senator Corey Booker’s story. He seems a very wise, loving man who has been able to rise above smarmy politics.
“United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good” – published recently by Ballantine Books

What can you tell us about what reading means to you?

Reading takes me out of myself into the lives of others.

Note from Paulette: She sums it up well in a very few words. Thank you so much Jan for sharing something of your reading self!

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