1. Many of you have enjoyed Ann Mah’s wonderful book Mastering the Art of French Eating. This past week-end she had a delightful article in the New York Times Travel Section about Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables. Maybe you will decide to visit Prince Edward Island, read or reread Anne of Green Gables, or just enjoy her writing via this article.

Here’s the link.
or go to your browser (I use Google) and type Ann Mah Searching for a Certain Girl in Braids.

2. One of my favorite book blogs is Beth Fish Reads. Reading Thinking Photographing. It is a sophisticated site. Try it out.
Here’s the link.
woman and glass_m

3. If you are in the mood to shop, remember this fun internet site with gifts for readers. Read or shop until your heart is contented.


4. This one is for the Outlander fans. Again from the New York Times is a Q&A with television producer Ronald Moore about his experiences in the Highlands. The short interview appeared on the In Transit page of the travel section.
Here’s the link.

Or, try google.

5. Many of us are familiar with the news site Huffington Post. Go to Huffington Post ( and type Huff Post Books into the search box. You will find a host of great stories. One not to be missed is “8 Famous Authors on the First Book They Ever Loved”. Check it out.


I have something of a love-hate relationship with internet reading. I know it can be informative. Sometimes it eats time before I even know I started the meal. Sometimes, I don’t attend to the detail of how to find what I want or to save it for another time. And then, just like the baskets in my office are overflowing with stuff I mean to read, so are my bookmarks on the computer overflowing with out-of-date stuff. Did I really want to save that?

I wonder how you feel about reading on the internet. Do you have a favorite site? What kind of reading do you enjoy on line? Your comments keep all of us up-to-date and informed. Thanks!


  1. Susan Carter

    I can barely get through my daily e-mails much less read on the internet. My days simple don’t have enough hours in them to get everything done.

    1. Post author

      I confess the same but it’s possible that those less attached to books enjoy the internet more. And some seem to manage reading everywhere. Nice article by your friend!


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