Finally I prepared the recipe I posted on the food page last week.

It was delicious: tangy with garlic, lemon, shallot and other well-blended flavors. The sauce was buttery and complimented the green beans, tomatoes and feta cheese strewn on top.

Here’s the real test. I just did not want to stop eating. The flavors blended so well. And the shrimp were particularly delish. I guess the ten minute marinating paid off.

This shrimp sauté with add-ons is so easy and quick to make. And I loved it with the rice.

If you are cooking for one or two people, you can prepare everything in the skillet at once. Well the shrimp are cooked first, set aside, and then added at the end. If you are incorporating the rice as I did you would use cooked or left-over rice.

Use the menu at the top, go to the food page of this blog and take another look at the recipe.

Now a word about the shrimp I used. I am still in frozen Michigan where temps continue to plunge and snow continues to fall. (It has become very monotonous.) So you know I probably did not use fresh gulf shrimp. Don’t I wish?

This frozen product I have been using (pictured above) is excellent in taste and texture. I have been using it for quite some time to complete satisfaction. I believe it is sold all over the United States with the shrimp sourced responsibly from different locations. My current package says from India.

There was a time when I would not eat any shrimp from Asia or nearby locations. This product has changed my mind.

Whatever shrimp you are able to use. This preparation is one of the best! Go for it!!

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      Thinking, you could always add more broth or wine and serve the shrimp and vegetables over the pasta rather than putting the pasta in the cooking pan. Drizzle alittle olive oil over the finished dish. Oh, and use pasta water to make it saucier. What do you think?


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