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Midwestern Table


Amy Thielen’s new book The New Midwestern Table is so much more than a cookbook. I’m so excited about this book. Here are a few of the reasons it jumped into my arms and insisted I buy it.

I love authentic cooking.
Regional dishes are part of our national heritage.
I’m interested in the connection between our grandmother’s kitchens , our grandfather’s gardens, heirloom recipes and the distinctive, delicious food of the twenty-first century.
This book has pages and pages of information about food.
The pictures take me to Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the gravel roads of Iowa and so many Midwestern places that I love.
This book reminds me of my love of griddle burgers.
This book has a recipe for oysters and egg salad I will make this winter in Florida.
This book has a Bloody Mary Recipe I must try.

If you don’t think these are enough reasons, I have more.
I want to learn more about cooking lake perch, walleye and whitefish. These fish are available in Michigan and I’m not good preparing them.

Here comes another reason for my overwhelming excitement.
This book has a recipe for Glorified Rice. I have been looking for one almost my whole adult life. It was a favorite dessert of my growing up years. My Mom made it and it was sooooo gooood. I have been unable to find the recipe anywhere–––until now!

If all of the above is not enough, there is a uniqueness to this cookbook that makes it impossible to resist. For example, the sections or chapters are different than one might expect. Let me share the table of contents:
Dips, Party Food and Drinks
Soups and Salads (ok, so far, not too unique)
Lake Fish
Chicken Supper
Potatoes and Onions
Early-Day Baking

I understand that this list might not convince you. But, I’m telling you that what is in each chapter is even more unique than the titles. And all the information this author provides is even tastier than the pictures and recipes.

I am completely crazy over this book. I am so glad I bought it. I can’t wait to share more about it in upcoming blogs. This book is amazing!

Title: The New Midwestern Table. 200 Heartland Recipes
Author: Amy Thielen
Publisher: Clarkston-Potter, 2013
Pages: 400
Source: My personal copy

And in prepping this post, I just discovered her blog. WOW