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How did I get there?

Early last summer while reading Facebook, I saw a picture of a large antique wardrobe from the mid-nineteenth century. I could not get it out of my mind. It brought me an idea for a short story. I’m always grateful for those.

The picture of the wardrobe was posted by an antique business: Broad Street Market by Carter Station located in Story City, Iowa. They kindly gave me permission to use the photo of the wardrobe on my blog. It was my first post (available in the June archives).
Later, I posted the short story. The antique wardrobe and the story idea led me to research the Underground Railroad in Tama County Iowa in 1863.

I wanted to thank the people at Broad Street Market in person. Yes, I wanted to show my appreciation for permission to use the photo and for the story inspiration, but I also wanted to see their antiques. This past week I had that opportunity. Jerry (the real man who cooks scalloped corn and pulled pork – see the food page) and I were in Ames, the home of Iowa State University where we went to college, and where he wanted to attend an event. Story City is nearby. Two good friends, who like to visit antique shops, joined me. I don’t see them often so that was a real treat.


Broad Street Market is full of exciting antiques as you can see in these pictures. Large primitive pieces are a specialty. We all loved the friendly service, time to browse to your heart’s content, and the interesting and beautiful arrangements of all kinds of vintage home goods.



My friends could be professional decorators. Both have lovely homes. I think their rooms look like pages in a magazine. Color and style are second nature to both women. They loved Broad Street Market, and carefully considered the endless possibilities items presented. What spot did they have for this or that piece? I kept busy taking photos for this blog and staying open to inspiration.



Enjoy your trip through the Broad Street Market via these pictures. Whether you like your antiques chipped, showing a bit of rust, one-of-a-kind, or just plain fun, this is the place for you. You are likely to see the pieces differently or to spy something new every time you walk through to another section, or retrace your steps for another look as you make your way around. Have fun.


And the fact that this place is located in a town with a name like Story City makes it perfect for this reading/writing blog. Across the street, at Dawn’s Diner, my friends and I had a very good lunch. Central Iowa has its gems, and its surprises. Hey, film star Hugh Jackman premiered his new movie “Prisoners” last Saturday in Iowa Falls.


Broad Street Market by Carter Station at 515 Broad St. Story City, IA
Like Broad Street Market on Facebook. For more information contact them at carter station@live.com