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The Black Molly Grill
504 W. Geoffrey Street
Cobblestone Village
St. Augustine, Florida

“Come on in” is the way I feel when I enter the Black Molly Grill with its casual, comfortable yet stylish interior. I love the spacious booths, able to accommodate your party or my reading material. It’s open every day at 11:00 a.m. Someone always smiles at me.

So far I’ve had three different lunches, taken my husband along, and quizzed the waitresses and some of the other patrons. I’ve enjoyed shrimp and grits, a seafood platter of red snapper and shrimp, lightly fried with just the whisper of a crisp coating and a lightly blackened fish sandwich (I think it was snapper again, but I had a choice). Jerry had a rib eye sandwich. All of this food was the very best. I understand from quizzing others that the place has top quality beef. I observed a couple eating huge wonderful looking burgers dripping with juiciness. They told me these were the best burgers they had had in St. Augustine. Well, the woman said she didn’t like burgers and this one was delicious.

The place has a full bar and a very nice wine list. Usually, the wait staff is knowledgeable and more than courteous. I love it when they tell me about the different foods on the menu. The salads are crisp and fresh with house-made dressing, or it certainly tastes like it, and I’m fussy about the salad dressing. I’m looking forward to trying the fish tacos, and the burgers. Yes, I plan to go there again.

To my mind, this restaurant serves quickly cooked fresh food with the slightest adornment. No need for heavy sauce or multiple garnish to mask the questionable quality of the food. It’s true I like local fish and Black Molly’s excels in this department as well as others.

The menu includes a variety of chicken dishes, salads, pastas and burgers in five flavors. Appetizers include hand-cut fried mozzarella and other dreamy items. At dinner there are many meat and pasta dishes as well as vegetarian choices. Prices are reasonable.

I love the place. I thank everyone who works there. I hope they keep turning out simple food, well prepared, food that tastes the way the way it should. Yes, the latter is a subjective statement. Still, I’m not after tofu, or chicken smothered in a sauce with five different ingredients and two vegetables on top. Simple meat or fish, cooked to perfection is what I like best.

As you can see from the menu, you have plenty of choice at The Black Molly Grill. I hope you will try it out and tell me what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.