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And on a cool cloudy day at the Detroit Zoo…..


Our best views were the giraffes. Huge, slow-moving and confined, they had little choice but to withstand our stares.



In the recent issue of National Geographic I learned that just because they are so huge and slow-moving, they are an easy target for poachers in the Congo. Their population in Africa has plummeted in the past fifteen years from 140,00 to 80,000. Loss of habitat is another factor that threatens them. They were rightly a popular stop on our recent zoo tour.


This beautiful black and orange bird in the Birdhouse did not mind posing.


Most of the animals turned their backs on us, wishing we would go away, or so it seemed.

You can see this Grizzly turned his back and went about his business, whatever he was doing.

I thought I would spare you my many pictures of the back ends of animals.

The prairie dogs avoided us completely.


The kangeroos were busy grazing and pretended we were not there.


These anteaters were as strange as they look in this picture. I would not want to meet one in a dark alley.


The bright blooming daffodils were a happy promise of spring and another trip to the zoo.


Do you have a favorite zoo or a favorite zoo book? I nominate Put Me In the Zoo by Robert Lopshire. It is not really a zoo book, I have other more informative ones. But it is so much fun to read to little ones. Happy Zoo Tripping. I recommend it even on a cloudy day, especially if you go with loved ones.