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This month I am giving away five fiction books. Please enter for a chance to win. To enter, respond to this prompt by replying to this post: My greatest reading pleasure this summer……….

Names of winners will be drawn from those who comment on this blog. Entries will close Thursday, August 27 at midnight. It is expected that winners will be announced here on Friday, August 28. Books will be mailed to the winners.

If you have questions or concerns, please e-mail me or ask your question via the comment section. All books are in good condition, lightly used by me. Occasionally there are notations.

Don’t you love to be the winning reader you are?! Please comment and enter!

And, as always, one person’s so-so-read becomes another’s favorite.

Thanks for enjoying readeatlive.com/blog
If it seems boring lately, let me know what you want to see/read more often. Favorite topics? All opinions welcome. Names of all who comment in response to this post will be placed in the drawing hat.