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Into the Wilderness
Author: Sara Donati
Publisher: Delta Trade Paperbacks (1998-2008)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Paperback Edition: 876 pages
Source: Personal copy

Many readers have discovered this masterful series from Sara Donati. It begins with Into the Wilderness. Readers are transported to the New York wilderness west of Albany in the late eighteenth century (1792) when Colonial and Native American cultures met among the rivers, forests, and mountains. From page one the reader travels to a wilderness peopled with humans from different cultures, Mohawk, Colonial, free people of color, and new immigrants struggling to understand each other. The beauty of the forest contrasts with the strivings of families. This is a book you will live in and never want to leave, not only because of the beauty of the country but because of the intensity of the characters.

Absolutely a master plotter, Donati does it all: writes like an angel, creates a world in another time and place with characters you cannot let go of, and wraps the whole package in action and romance. Oh, the romance, tender and all-consuming. A prim English school teacher and a white man who lives like a Native American seem at first an unlikely pair. Such is the stuff of great romances. And this is certainly one of the best.

Even after this fat and satisfying read, most readers will be salivating for more. Here are the titles of this series: Book Two: Dawn On Distant Shore, Book Three: Lake in the Clouds, Book Four: Fire Along the Sky. Readers who do not know this book will be primed for great adventure from the first page to the last. Donati puts all her words to good use. I think of her as a master conjurer and magician. The worlds and people she creates are thrillingly so real; it is magic.

Five Stars – without a doubt! A fascinating read! Available on Amazon.