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For this interview readeatlive.com welcomes our first Kentucky reader to the hot seat. Sincere thanks to Jim Paris for sharing some of his thoughts on reading. He is a native of Kentucky and currently lives in the Lexington area. Recently, he’s likely to have been watching NCAA basketball on TV.

We thank him for stepping up to the plate and sharing some thoughts on his reading habits.

How do you like to read? Paper or electronic? One book at a time or simultaneously? Morning or Night? Do you have a favorite spot for reading?

I generally read during the day, and either watch television (limited for sure) or work crosswords or other types of thinking games on the tablet or phone. I don’t usually have two books going at the same time. I don’t read many novels except when I am in Florida for the winter and I like mysteries and scifi. I don’t read non-fiction unless it has something to do with my deacon ministry in the Catholic Church. I read several on-line sites that produce topical, and thought provoking materials in the form of essays on a daily basis. I read them more for my ministry of homiletic preparation (aka preaching) in the Catholic Church than for pleasure.

What genres do you especially enjoy reading? Do you have a genre you might call a guilty pleasure?

Scifi and mystery novels

Do you have a favorite fictional hero? Or a favorite biographical subject?

I like the Alex Cross mysteries. Dean Koontz is a favorite author and James Patterson.

How do you organize your books?

At home, I have a library, mostly to do with deacon ministry and personal spirituality. It is organized by topics.

Do you give books as gifts? What are you likely to gift?

I will lend books from my personal library at home.

What’s the best book you ever received as a gift?

“The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis

Do you have a book related to your work or your life that has been especially important to you.

I am no Biblical scholar but appreciate the Gospels and all the Bible texts. One can never run out of interesting insights into Scripture and I enjoy the challenge of applying texts written 2000 years ago to our daily lives in the 21st Century.

Tell us anything else you would like us to know about your reading or your reading habits.

Much of my two careers of working for banks and the Catholic Church were spent reading materials that I had to read to do my job properly. Thus, I did not read a lot when I was off work because I needed the down time. I tend to read much less in the summer when I enjoy yard and garden work and attending my grandchildren’s sporting events.

Note from Paulette: Earlier this winter Jim expressed interest Hillbilly Elegy, a nonfiction book featured on this blog. Jim, if you do read this book, we will be interested in what you think about it. And thanks again, for answering these questions! Happy gardening and Happy reading.