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Some photos for this post courtesy of Karen Kozian

Is it possible to visit this church without becoming overwhelmed by the beauty of the building and the place, without becoming drawn into a state of unexpected spirituality or without becoming prayerful? A strong sense of history permeates the sights, sounds, smells, the touch of ancient stone, and the taste of the salt air as it burrows into the soul of the visitor. Being here on this point of land, wrapped in the sea breezes held me in a spell I found difficult to identify.



In 1885 this drawing of the church was prepared by Boston Arcitect Henry Paston Clark. Kennebunkport Seashore company donated the building sites along with the existing rocks on the shore – a stone church was possible. Rev. Short wrote: ….a stone church here will give the impression of permanency. A stone church gives confidence to a congregation….A stone church shows that a congregation has come to stay…”

Hard pine beams frame the inside of the church. Pews and clergy stalls are hewn of oak. The cornerstone was laid in 1887.





Much restoration was completed in 2005-2007. Among the restored items to be celebrated in 2007 were the bells and fully restaored stained and leaded glass windows. The bell tower was dedicated to Dorothy Walker Bush by her family

The park-like setting surrounds the church with grass and flowers running out to the rocky shore. Was there ever a better place for quiet meditation?


This church is located near the home of George and Barbara Bush. The Bush Family has been involved with this church which has benefitted from gifts from both the Walker and Bush Families.

More information at the website www.stannskennebunkport.org


Our Maine travel group also visited the lovely grounds and buildings at St. Francis Franciscan Monastery in Kennebunk, Maine. Google it for more information.