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Visit a library and your spirits are likely to lift. I love all libraries. Last week the post of a friend on Facebook plunged me into a pool of comforting nostalgia for the library in the small town where I grew up. It is and was a magical place.

I share some of the libraries I have most enjoyed using over the years.


and Now

Reinbeck, Iowa Public Library

Clinton, Iowa Public Library

Dixon, Illinois Public Library – one interesting note about the Dixon library involves the lower level where local history was available in open stacks. Large grade level windows allowed the sun to stream in on the days I spent there. It was absolutely delightful. There were many comfortable places to read and work. I had the place to myself.

Galena, Illinois Public Library

Bloomfield Township, Michigan Public Library

UW-Madison Historical Library at Madison, WI

Iowa State University, Ames Iowa

University of Iowa Library at Iowa City

Perhaps I have forgotten a favorite, time will tell. Over the years the University Libraries are most likely to change. Hope I identified correctly the buildings I used, when I used them. But do let me know if I’ve made mistakes.

Realizing many of us love all libraries, do share one or two of your favorites.