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Because it’s winter.
Because it is the season to expand reading opportunities.
Because I appreciate your loyalty and interest in readeatlive.com/blog

I’m giving away issues of top literary journals to 5, count ‘em, five lucky winners.

Here’s how to enter:
Click on Leave a Reply (Replies) at the top of this post and comment on this blog by completing the following sentence in a way that best describes you.
I enjoy reading a. fiction, b. poetry, c. essays, d. non-fiction, e. all of the above.

And…entries will close on Monday, January 26 at Midnight.

Literary Journals (Magazines) offer a smorgasbord of reading opportunities. Easy to carry on a plane or to the beach. Easy to read curled up before the fire. Easy to enjoy anywhere.


Win a copy of a top-notch literary journal. Five winners will be drawn from the names of those who comment. Winners will be contacted by e-mail and journals will be mailed to winners.

Try your luck. Hope you are a winner! Hope you enjoy your journal reading.

In case you missed it, find a post on the Writing page from Dec. 30 about literary journals. Scroll down about three stories to find it.