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Indie Booksellers almost always captivate me, put me under their spell. Last week I had a few minutes at one of the very best. McLean and Eakin Booksellers in Petoskey, MI. Wow! What a place! Not only is it a place filled with terrific books, so many of them. It is also brimming with welcoming spirit that will fill your heart with joy.

I had only a few minutes last week when I dashed in like I was being chased by the rain. Two delightful staffers gathered my scattered self. You would have thought I was their oldest customer. In moments they had a pick for me. The recommendation: The Invisible Bridge. It is a novel by Julie Orringer. A New York Times Notable Book the Chicago Tribune says it is a tale of war-torn lovers, family and survival of the luckiest rather than the fittest. Other reviewers sing its praises. It sounded like a fit for me. I bought it and left with enough McLean and Eakin newsletters for five friends waiting at a nearby restaurant.

I have my favorite bookstores: Prairie Lights in Iowa City, Birchbark Books in Minneapolis, Downtown Books in Apalachicola. Now I have one in my own state. Hooray!

What I am especially looking forward to is a special trip to Petoskey to spend some quality time in McLean and Eakin with the books and the people. In the meantime they have a website that will have you salivating. www.mcleanandeakin.com It is so complete and easy-to-use that it could keep anyone out of trouble for some time. It may cause us to buy more books and that is a good thing.

Some piece of information you absolutely need is on this website. For example, I learned that one of my favorite authors Ivan Doig had a new book out last year, and I totally missed it. He writes great stories about interesting family relationships, and the characters usually live in Montana, a place I love to go to in books. I love to be there in person, too, but it is far away.

A very special thanks to the staff. They treated me like a visiting dignitary rather than a person who……… Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination. I am so looking forward to my next visit.

Please let us know about your favorite bookstores. Tell us about the one that excites and calms you at the same time.