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A few weeks ago a national publication featured 10 Florida small towns worth visiting. The list was fun reading. More fun than reading about the towns is visiting. So I am starting my own 2015 list of small towns (not limited to Florida), fun to visit and to read about.

Number one on the list is Micanopy. It is located in west central Florida, south of Gainesville, and not far from Marjorie Rawlins’ home at Cross Creek and The Yearling Restaurant. The main street puts one in mind of Old Florida and is lined with antique shops and gift emporiums. Don’t miss the ice cream. Outstanding!

This year I discovered the big used bookstore was gone. Still, other shops did have books. There are plenty of places to browse for whatever draws you in and makes your eyes sparkle.


Near the center of town is this historical marker: “William Bartram 1739-1823” (Regular readers of this blog know what a fan of Mr. Bartram I am.) “The great Quaker naturalist of Philadelphia made a long journey through the southeastern states in the 1770’s collecting botanical specimens. In May, 1774, he visited the Seminole chief, Cowkeeper, at the Indian village of Cuscowilla located near this spot. His book Travels…. provided the earliest reliable account of the North Florida landscape, flora and fauna, and Indian life and his vivid images of local scenes inspired Coleridge, Wordsworth and Emerson.”

When I return home I will be rereading this section of Travels.

For now, here are scenes from the center of Micanopy.


Every doorway beckons, red, green, or any color.





Nested pottery bowls

Nested pottery bowls

Sorry I left those for someone else to purchase.

On another visit I’ll hope to see more of this interesting small town.

Do share your favorite small town so others can visit and explore.