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Where can you eat smoky BBQ, pizza, hot and cheesy, tacos of various variety, burritos, scrumptious Mac and Cheese in reincarnations you’ve never heard of, creamy home-made ice cream, and more?

Late on a Wednesday afternoon in the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market barn-like building, Detroit food trucks gather offering good eats. Detroit BBQ Company sets up by the west entrance. Admission and entertainment are free. Festive lighting and upbeat music adds to fun. What really lights up the place is food, freshly prepared, hot and smelling like you want to sit down and eat right now. There are plenty of tables and chairs.

Here’s the line-up:


Rollin Stone Wood Fired Pizza
This truck is set up at the south end of the market. With the hot oven they are parked so the truck is partially outside. The pizza makers toss the dough and pile on the fix-in’s. The pizza baker carefully loads his oven. Margherita pizza is one of their best sellers, but they have a tasty line-up. Those pizza savory aromas draw a crowd. Pizza is popular and I watch folks eat it with relish. It looks so good I can almost taste it.



This truck gets around––Royal Oak, Howell, Eastern Market to name a few recent stops. Check their website to find them. Next time I see them, I’m having Margherita. Jerry will have Classic Pepperoni. I talked to some people who were smiling and chewing happily with their Chicken Mediterranean, and in fact, I felt I could fill up on the cheesy smell alone.


Here’s the link. www.rollinstonewoodfiredpizza.com Find them on Facebook.

El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill

www.elguapogrill.com is the link for this truck. It is a terrific website with pictures, the schedule and more. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Several customers told me that this was the best place for Mexican-type food. And the steady line seemed to prove them right. The staff is especially friendly and hard working. Here you find specialties like Lucky Day Burritos with chicken, chorizo, beans and rice, cheese and guapo sauce, salsa, jalapenas and guacamole. WOW! Sounds good, looks good, and I saw folks with one piled high about to tell me it tastes good, or so I imagined as I watched them turn from the truck window to find a seat while carefully balancing the hugh burrito.

What a crew!

What a crew!

Mac Shack

Here customers lined up for macaroni and cheese delights with names like Papa Smurf, Cluck Like a Buffalo, Bacon Made Me Do It and the like. Papa Smurf was a big hit. It features mushrooms, parmesan cheese and caramelized onions.


I asked a handsome young man, named by others as one of the most experienced eaters of food truck food what he liked best. He could hardly decide. Her named Paper Smurf, Shrimp and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken and Bacon Made Me Do It. I didn’t see the shrimp, so not sure about that. The crowd at the truck grew, and I didn’t have a chance to ask. Then he started saying what was great from other vendors: ribs, Swedish fish ice cream and bulldog chuck tacos. Wait, where were those? Maybe my hearing lapsed?

Mac Shack also featured something called poutine, described as beef brisket gravy and cheese sauce over fries topped with a fried egg. If you live for smothered fries, this is the dish for you.


I saw some great looking food come out of this truck, and the line was long and steady.
Here’s their link: www.macshackmichigan.com. Check it out.

Jacques’ Tacos


At this truck you will find tasty tacos and an unbelievable line-up of hot sauces. But for me, the best sauce was served on the taco, sauce vert made from cilantro and tomatillos and drizzled generously on my shrimp taco. With crispy shrimp and light and delicious slaw, the taco had good crunch and amped-up flavor, likely celery salt and some type of vinegar dressed the slaw. I loved it. Jacques served all kinds of tacos. Oh! Here’s the bulldog taco which is chicken according to the website. So I was hearing correctly. Check out their website and menu.
www.jacquestacos.com. Follow them on twitter and facebook.

Detroit BBQ Company



Jerry was part of the long line for BBQ. He had enough for two meals, one to eat and one to take home. Brisket and pulled pork with cole slaw he labeled extremely good. He couldn’t dig into that succulent meat fast enough. He’d love to go back and buy more! They feature a variety of BBQ meats: beef, pork, chicken.


Treat Dreams


Salty Caramel was the choice. It was creamy, salty with just the perfect caramel taste.
This is homemade ice cream. And yes, they had Swedish fish ice cream. I’ll lieave you to figure that one out, or maybe you have an inkling. Creamy cool ice cream was the hit of the evening after spicy tacos, BBQ or pizza as far as many were concerned. YUM!
Check them out at www.treatdreams.com