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The Cheesecake Factory recently opened a restaurant at 12 Oaks Mall in Novi, MI.

I was less than enthused when friends chose it as the place for lunch. I thought maybe great cheesecake, but what about the food? I was not optimistic. Based on lunch there a few days ago, I was very wrong.

Thanks to a good friend who got in line at 10:30 a.m. our group was seated by 11:00. At that time the line was very long. But, in spite of this large lunch crowd, the service was spot-on. The food was beyond great!

There is a huge menu. At this point I feel like the menu has more inviting dishes than I can dream of eating. And I love to daydream about food. The menu makes for great reading. The names are so much fun: SkinnyLicious, Glamburgers, Ice Cream Delight. You get the idea. But it’s also a descriptive and informative menu. I felt that I knew what I would be eating with any order. The menu made the food sound good; what I ordered was GOOD.

My lunch, at a very reasonable price, consisted of soup, salad, and half-a-sandwich. The salad was crisp, fresh and generous. The ranch dressing house-made, I would guess. My sandwich was chicken salad on toasted bread: chunks of chicken with veggies in a light, easy-to-eat dressing. The mushroom soup had a depth of flavor not often experienced in chain restaurant soup. Earlier in the week I had a rather well-known soup at another chain I won’t name, and it was unappetizing both in how it looked, and how it tasted. The mushroom soup at the Cheesecake Factory had flavors that complimented each other and blended into deliciousness. It was the best wild mushroom soup ever. Fresh ingredients were obvious.

And the cheesecake. I believe there are as many as thirty-seven different cheesecakes, as well as other desserts. Our table shared White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake. OH MY! Creamy, smooth, no hint of aftertaste. It tasted as good as it looked.

There is a full bar, wine, and beer, an extensive menu with variety in size of servings and types of food. Our server was knowledgeable, accommodating and cheerful. Food was brought from the kitchen hot and in a timely manner.

The menu makes for terrific reading; the food for terrific eating. I can’t wait to go back. Wherever I travel, I’ll be watching for a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant. And, oh, yes, many thanks to the friends who decided we should eat there. WOW!

www.thecheesecakefactory.com for more information.