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Thank you readers. I appreciate each and every one of you. Enjoy the holidays with your family. Celebrate your culture and traditions. Do good for others. Worship in a way that is meaningful to you. I join you in praying for all the loved ones you are not able to be with this year, as well as those who join you in celebrations. God Bless!

Here are two classics book suggestions for you to read with the younger members of the family. Enjoy.

The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. Illustrations in beautiful colors are one of the things that make this book special. Santa asks a young girl Teeka to get the reindeer ready for Christmas Eve. Then the fun begins.


Welcome Comfort by Patricia Polacco. This foster child enjoys a special Christmas adventure riding with Santa through the night sky. It’s a unique story that tells what becomes of Welcome Comfort. It will tug at your heart strings.


Both stories can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Jan Brett’s story can be easily adapted during read aloud to include your youngest listeners.

Christmas is a wonderful time for books. What Christmas story do you most like to share?




Endearing, delightful, heartwarming, vibrant, engaging, enchanting, and love-filled are some of the adjectives used to describe Patricia Polacco’s books. Sometimes I think no superlative is too overstated. Other times I just bask in the light of her words and pictures.

I have been following Patricia Polacco on Facebook. I love the things she posts. I love her illustration. I love her writing. I have bought her books for years. And if some of my favorites such as Thank You, Mr. Falker and The Keeping Quilt have disappeared, I’m happy for whoever is enjoying them.

Ms. Polacco is a Michigan native. She has spent and continues to spend hours, by now those hours probably add up to years, with school children. When you read one of her books and enjoy her illustrations, you life will change, your family life will be richer. You will remember things and understand things that have always eluded you.

Here’s a sampling of her books.

Gifts of the Heart. (2013) A Christmas story about loving and gifts. This is one of her most recent books.

Welcome Comfort. (1999). Another Christmas story with a foster child as a main character. In my educator days I often used this with sixth graders and older students.

Thunder Cake. (1990) The weather and cooking come together in this story. Not surprisingly, always one of my favorites.

My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother (1994). These two characters are still together in Gifts of the Heart. Their squabbles are sometimes fun and sometimes truly touching.

Oh, Look! (2004) How much fun can the reader and the goats enjoy?

Appelemando’s Dreams (1991). This story can hold any group spellbound.

She has written many more wonderful stories filled with her philosophy and her drawings. Those listed above are the ones that sit on my bookshelf, some of the ones closest to my heart. She is simply a marvelous storyteller. I hope you will find time to get to the library or the bookstore or your own bookshelf and enjoy her words and ideas and her beautiful art work. Her books make great gifts for the young or the young-at-heart on your gift list.

Her work is easy to explore. She has a informative website www.patriciapolacco.com Follow her on Facebook and enjoy all the pictures she posts. Happy Reading with Patricia Polacco. Even her name is fun to say.