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Here’s a shout out to West Bloomfield Red Coat Tavern. (also a cozy, famous location in Royal Oak)


A few days ago I ate the best lake perch ever. The place is known for possibly the best burgers in town, though I also like Michael Symon’s B Spot burgers.

Lake Perch is a good fish to eat in Michigan. The fillets are small and often sautéed or lightly fried. The fish is local and usually quite good, though I have had bad luck at expensive up-north locations and local fish restaurants. But I’ve eaten lake perch at Red Coat before and it’s always been good. This time it was out-of-this world great!


What’s to like? Not at all fried or fishy. It was like eating a cloud with the slightest crunch, perfectly seasoned. I kept thinking did they use beaten egg whites or what? I don’t know. I just know the fish was so light it was incredible. Every piece the same, equally delish! There is something sublime about eating perfect food.

Lots of other foods at Red Coat, most notably the burgers, but other trimmings, clam chowder and coleslaw are very good. If you are local, you know the place. If you are visiting, it’s truly a taste of Detroit.


Lake Perch is Michigan food at its best, when well-prepared. That’s always the catch (pun intended). But Red Coat in West Bloomfield knows how to do it. Both locations are usually very busy, so whether it’s perch or burgers or some other food they do up right, try to avoid peak times, maybe opt for late lunch or early dinner. You can check their menu on the internet or find them on Facebook.