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The Late Show
Author: Michael Connelly
Publisher: Little Brown and Company, 2017
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Hardcover Edition: 405 pages plus excerpt from next Harry Bosch novel
Source: personal copy

Connelly introduces a terrific female detective. She works the night shift for LAPD. That provides the title for the book and for her corner of Hollywood Station. Detective Renee Ballard doesn’t fit any mold. She creates her own world. A talented investigator she solves several crimes that, no surprise, turn out to be related.

It’s an exciting read. The reader is not surprised Ballard is ultra focused, but she’s fierce as she digs into every detail of the crimes she is assigned to solve. She never stops working, and she always pushes the envelope, perhaps further than advisable. Does she ever relax? Not even when she is on her paddleboard. This workout is not to relax but to build upper body strength. Well, maybe she relaxes a bit when alone with her dog. That is not often. Every few pages brings another surprise. The plot is fascinating.

This reader is a Connelly fan. I put The Late Show at the top of the list!