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This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage
Author: Ann Patchett
Publisher: Harper Collins, 2013
Genre: Memoir, essays
Hardcover edition: 306 pages
Source: Personal Copy

These memorable essays allow the reader to feel like he or she is on a long walk with a new friend, learning to know something of her experiences and personality. Ann Patchett reveals those things from her life she wishes to reveal. But it is the telling that is extraordinary.

What does she share? She cares about people she loves: her grandmother, a nun who was once her teacher, a close friend, her husband and other family members. For many years she lives and loves with her beloved dog Rose. I could read her essay on writing at least once every few months. It’s titled “The Getaway Car.” Something of her relationship with the father she spent little time with as a child is poignantly revealed in the interesting story of her preparation to enter the Los Angeles Police Academy in “The Wall.” And there is more.

The book is readable and I flew through it enjoying every essay and seldom if ever stopping to take notes. I felt a connection with her when she told that her to-do list always has the task she likes least at the top of the list. Writing is its own list and comes first with a dedicated time period. Her Nashville bookstore Parnassus is a must-visit for me, though I don’t yet have it scheduled. It’s so much fun to hear the details and feel the emotions of the independent book business.

If you know Ann Patchett’s writing, or if you have never heard of her, I highly recommend this memoir about the art and craft of writing, her personal experiences and life stories. After reading her memoir, I want to read more of her books. I don’t want my walk with Ann Patchett to end.

Listed below are some of her titles, beginning with a must-read, followed by others in no particular order.

Bel Canto, fiction
State of Wonder, fiction
Truth and Beauty: A Friendship, memoir
Run, fiction

And if you read and enjoy memoir, This Is The Story of A Happy Marriage is likely to be at the top of your list.

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