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Lev Grossman calls this a memorable year for books, and he selects the best of the year…so far. I applaud the diversity of his list. Will be interesting to see how the list may change as the year progresses. Which books will find a wide audience? What books will be published later this year?

One of the books he names has been featured on the pages of this blog. Sous Chef by Micheal Gibney, reviewed on the Food page a few weeks ago. It is a real page-turner. Click on Food on the menu above and when the food page comes up, scroll down several stories for that review.

Here’s a brief sketch of several of his top 15 that you may find of interest.

Lawrence Goldstone. Birdmen: The Wright Brothers, Glenn Curtiss and the Battle to Control the Skies. This historian writes a narrative of the rivalries in the early days of American Aviation.

E. Lockhart. We Were Liars. Also Amazon’s pick for Young Adult Book of May. A novel of twists and turns, called an unforgettable summer read. The story is set on Cape Cod.

Olivia Laing. The Trip To Echo Spring:On Writers and Drinking. The author focuses on a group of American male writers, and in doing so, she examines the links between alcohol and creativity. She also considers their literary work. At least one reviewer has called it a powerful and rewarding book.

Roz Chast. Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant: A Memoir. This is described as witty look at life with and without ageing parents. Reviewers and readers are raving about it.

Kai Bird. The Good Spy. This one is a biography of a CIA operative who died in the Beirut Embassy bombing.

It’s largely a non-fiction list. Let’s see what comes in the second half of the year. Since this blog might be justly accused of focusing too much on fiction, this list names some promising books in non-fiction catagories. (Non-fiction lovers don’t give up on this blog.)

Here’s the link to Time’s complete list: http://time.com/281595/best-books-of-2014-so-far/

Or just google Time’s Best Books of 2014.

Have fun thinking about what you might read. As always, comments are welcomed.