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Conde Nast Traveler sends out a bookmark titled top 5 Secrets to Savvy Travel. I’m just returned from a short trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and I know many of you are traveling this time of year. So in the interest of sharing, here’s some of their secrets and some of my own ideas. Food for thought for your next trip.

1. Read up on the place you plan to visit. Travel Books can be expensive. Hit your local library and see what you can find. The search is part of the fun.

2. Fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Hopefully this equals lower fares, less crowded cabins. If it is a short trip over a weekend, try flying on a Saturday and returning on a Tuesday. I traveled successfully on Wednesday and at an early hour for a great experience.

3. Pick at least one special sight-seeing opportunity. Perhaps somewhere you have not visited before. An aquarium, a museum, a library, a bookstore, a waterfront walk, whatever you fancy. If you are a regular reader of this space, you know I discovered a great aquarium with special sights, and special guides and companions (another family perk.)

4. Find hidden deals. Sign up for e-mail notifications. If you are a loyalty program member or credit card holder, or are registered at certain Web sites, e-mail alerts may get you an unannounced sale on whatever travel need you have in mind.

5. Get a room for the best possible rates. Family visits have that advantage, but even luxury lodging offers less-crowded times and thus lower rates. Call the manager and ask questions regarding your dates, special rates, lowest rates and possible upgrades such as a great view.

OK, all you savvy travelers out there in blogland, please share your best travel tips. We are listening.