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Here’s a shout out for Festival of Faith and Writing 2014 to be held April 10-12, 2014 in Grand Rapids, MI. The organizers of this wonderful writing conference have recently announced Janisse Ray, writer, naturalist and environmental activist, as an addition to the roster of speakers. http://festival.calvin.edu/

I am a huge fan and cannot wait to meet her in person. I first encountered her writing in a book entitled Between Two Rivers: Stories From the Red Hills to the Gulf. The essays in this book (by Janisse and others) made me fall in love with the terrain of the Red Hills area of North Florida and it’s flora and fauna. My husband and I have explored many of the places written about in this interesting book.

I am now reading her most recent book, The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food. I learn about seed saving and some of the people who lead this revolution with their fingers in the dirt. She discusses issues of food safety, food politics, plant sex and much more. Nearly every essay is a story about real people, and she makes the words on the page sing their reality for all of us. Her writing is filled with energy and fun.

I believe available, sustainable, nutritious food is worth caring about. I want to learn more.

Janisse Ray has published a number of books. Over the past few years I have purchased several at Downtown Books in Apalachicola, Florida. This cozy little shop is a favorite of mine. http://downtownbooksandpurl.com

Janise is the author of Drifting Into Darien. A Personal and Natural History of the Altamaha River. She is a native of southern Georgia. When I read this book, I journeyed down the river with Janisse and her friends. I saw the area through her eyes.

Her book of poetry, A House of Branches, holds a place of honor on my desk. Her poems transport me into the natural world. They speak enjoyment, inspiration and beauty. Hers is a language I want to learn.

She has written other books. You will want to discover her writing for yourself. Her words and ideas have added a new dimension to the joy I find in reading and writing about specific places. She is an inspiration and a model for me. I am grateful and excited to live the hope that I will meet her next year.

Here is her link. janisseray.weebly.com