All right! I’m already crazy. And I admit that this pinched nerve pain I have had since February doesn’t help. I can’t cook much, although I promise I’m making a special recipe to share with you very soon. Finally I have all the ingredients on hand.

Back to being crazy – and as many of you know, I’m having a year’s worth of dental work, so I’m missing a few teeth, makes even eating crazy. Still here are some food trends that are crazy laughable as far as I’m concerned. They are often so over-the-top they detract from the taste of the food.

#1 Over Arrangement of Food on the Plate.
Each piece of food is carefully placed. One looks at the plate and hesitates to move anything, much less toward one’s mouth. The white space not the food may capture one’s attention. Often the higher the tower the better and even an ordinary meal is implied to taste better if piled high, one ingredient on top of another.

One example: Stacked Chicken Tostado Salad p. 53 of May Rachel Ray Every Day One bite and the whole pile will collapse. No doubt it will still taste good. (pictured at top of the story.)

#2 Originating as Far from the U.S. as Possible.
Whatever happened to American Food? Oh dear, I sound like a fuddy-duddy and the word fuddy-duddy only confirms it.

Example from Hanoi. Spiced cha ca fish with noodles and herbs in a lettuce wrapper. P. 28 May issue of Food and Wine. Cha Ca is fish fillets with ginger, turmeric and other herbs. Tumeric-Marinated Swordfish with Dill and Rice Noodles.

# 3 Throw Everything In a Bowl

Will it taste better because it is served in a bowl? I know, it won’t run all over the table trying to escape your fork.

Example: Shrimp and Okra Bowl p. 22 June 2017 Cooking Light
Cornmeal, okra, bell pepper, honey shrimp, tomato, onion, parsley, celery red wine vinegar and if you wish Fresno chile – into a bowl. Something like gumbo. Does this sound good to you. If yes. I’m out voted.

I’ll admit that travel is big and food is an important part of any travel experience. But sometimes I feel like foreign food has taken over. And, where to find all the ingredients?

This Crabapple is signing off. Let’s hope we hear very little from her in the future!

Thanks to Southern Living, Bon Appétit , Food and Wine,and Rachel Ray Every Day for being trend setters in food writing.

If you try one of these dishes, do let us know! All opinions welcome.


  1. Nancy Skadden

    I love it when a restaurant serves local food! Freshly caught fish, lettuces and tomatoes out of gardens just west of Flagler County.
    I have to admit that that tostada look interesting. And anything with the word gumbo in it gets me. But that middle picture just looks scary


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